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How to choose the best red wine for cooking ??


Clearly, you know Red wine is an outstanding beverage made of dark-colored grapes. Obviously, you use it for many food recipes as well as for health improvement. In this article we will focus on how to choose the best red wine for cooking. And also article will provide details also the health benefits of pairing red wine with your meals too.

Why we use red wine for cooking??

What are the flavor components of red wines use for cooking??

Wines mainly consist of flavor components including,

As we are focusing on red wines, They usually have more of a bitter taste than other flavors. Different red wines have different flavors. So we have to pair them with different foods in terms of their flavor. Therefore when we are choosing the best red wine surely it is different from food to food. [1]

Things that you should consider when pairing red wine with foods,

The taste profiles of popular red wines use for cooking

Cabernet Sauvignon

Surely this wine is made of red grape varieties. And it’s flavor is mainly varies with the area it’s growing. Therefore clearly it has varying tastes. It is one of the best red wine types that will give you a better wine experience!! Usually a full-bodied with a firm taste. [3] Quite confidently you can choose this kind of a wine if you need more fruity flavors in your food.[12]


Similar to cabernet sauvignon, in this wine also flavor varies with the growing area. And also it has a desirable color that improves your appetite significantly!! [3][13]

Usually, wine Producers mix this grape variety with other varieties like Cabernet sauvignon and merlot to make blends. These blends are full of excellent health benefits!!

Pinot noir

No doubt, this also another red wine with desirable taste. However, it has a less bitter taste because their tannin are softer and polyphenol levels are low. It has a very fruity aroma. Best when you if you with fruit salads. [3]


Clearly, Merlot wine also has a less bitter taste. This is mainly due to low tannin contents and less roughness of tannins. Typical Aromas of the wine mainly include fruity aromas like plums and blackberry and some herbal aromas. [3]


Particularly among many red wine varieties, this wine is a kind of multi-purpose wine. This has berry and a spicy flavor like peppery flavor. Therefore you can best match it with Pasta, Pizza, etc. [3]


Of course similar to the other wines Sangiovese also has specific aromas depend on where they are grown and how it is prepared. Especially it has Strong fruity and floral aromas. Besides, it has a high acidity resulting in a sour taste and some bitterness due to tannins.[3][4]

How you choose the best red wine for cooking??

For cheeses,

You add cheese for many foods you eat. Now let’s see how can match different cheeses with different red wines. You can match Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel with cheeses of similar intensity.[5]

For food preparations with nuts,

For meats,

We can choose the best red wine Especially When considering preparation methods. And also the color of meat is also important. Red wines are well suited with red meats.[2]

Upon roasting the flavor of meat improves while making it tender and lighter. So the red wines best matching for those roasted meats are light-bodied red wines. Pinot Noir is the best match.

When considering BBQ chicken You know that it has a smoked flavor. This smoked flavor can be enhanced by red wines like Zinfandel, and Cabernet Franc.

For fruits and vegetables,

For Seafood,

How can you match red wine with sauces??

Well, pairing wines with sauces is not difficult. You simply have to consider the type of sauce that you add to the food and simply match it with the wine !!

What are the benefits you get with pairing red wines with your food??

Well, drinking red wine along with food definitely has health benefits. But is it healthy to cook with wine??

Clearly, certain studies suggest that you can have nearly similar benefits by cooking with wine to that of drinking wine. If you add wine at the end of the cooking, you can retain nearly 70 % of the alcohol you added. By reducing the intensity of the heat treatment you can preserve more wine in the food. [8][9]

That is good news. Isn’t it?? Well, these are the best health benefits that you can gain with cooking your foods with wine!!

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