Lasagna is a classic Italian dish everyone loves without any age limit. You can make this delicious dish within a few minutes using a frozen lasagna that is available in stores. But you may be wondering what method is the easiest to prepare it. Your air fryer can do the job quickly. But you may have doubts regarding this method, especially the exact time the dish takes to prepare. So how long to cook frozen lasagna in air fryer? We will answer your question in this post. In addition, you can find out the way to cook it using the air fryer.

Can you Cook Frozen Lasagna? 

Store-bought frozen lasagna has become popular due to its easiness of preparation. There are various kinds of frozen lasagna with different flavors and ingredients in the market, with all the instructions on the packaging. According to those instructions, the only thing you have to do is cook the lasagna using an oven, microwave, or air fryer. They are ready to go, but always remember to keep the frozen lasagna in the fridge until you remove its packaging to save its good quality.

On the other hand, if you hope to make lasagna at home, you can preserve the leftover raw lasagna in the fridge to cook later. But you should cover the raw portion using shrink wrapping. Then put the lasagna in an air-tight container. When you want to cook it, you will see that its quality has been preserved well.

How to Cook Frozen Lasagna in Air Fryer?

You can use the below-mentioned method to prepare either store-bought or homemade frozen lasagna.

  1. The first step is to preheat the air fryer before you place the frozen lasagna. The preheating time will be 2 to 3 minutes.
  2. Then set the temperature of the air fryer to 375F.
  3. Take a baking pan that fits inside the fryer and grease it with some vegetable oil or butter. It will prevent the lasagna from sticking to the pan.
  4. After that, place the lasagna in the pan and cook for 10 minutes.
  5. After 10 minutes, check the consistency of the lasagna. If it needs more time to melt the top cheese layer, keep it in the air fryer for another couple of minutes.
  6. Finally, you have warm and delicious lasagna to enjoy! But remember to let it cool a bit.

How Long to Cook Frozen Lasagna in Air Fryer? 

The most common method to cook lasagna is the oven method, but it takes around 30 to 40 minutes to prepare. However, if you use your air fryer, you can prepare it within a short time when compared to the oven.

The maximum time to cook frozen lasagna in the air fryer is only 10 minutes, as we instructed you in the above section. But there are some factors that force the time to vary. Depending on the model of the air fryer, the time can vary because the power that generates each air fryer affects the cooking time.

Thus, it is better to go through the user manual to find out the cooking times. And if you spread an extra cheese layer on top of your lasagna, it takes some time to melt, so you will have to keep it for another few minutes. But always keep in touch with the cooking time; otherwise, the result will be overcooked lasagna.

At What Temperature Do you Cook Frozen Lasagna?

Temperature is the other key thing when preparing frozen lasagna. If you use the air fryer, cook the lasagna at 375F. The temperature is the same if you use the oven. The store-bought lasagna comes with instructions, including the temperature. But if you make the lasagna at home, follow this temperature level. Do not overcook it because high temperatures can burn the bottom of the lasagna.

Can you Cook Frozen Lasagna without Defrosting? 

The fact of defrosting affects differently on store-bought ones and home-made ones. Most of the time, you can notice that the instructions on the packaging of store-bought lasagna clearly say that you do not need to defrost it before cooking. At the same time, they mention the temperature and the cooking time. So, you can cook the frozen lasagna directly without defrosting it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

However, if you made it at home and frozen it, it is better to defrost the lasagna before cooking. The reason why, icy layers will need more time than you guess to prepare. So, the cooking time can vary depending on the current condition of the lasagna. But in case you want to make it quickly, you can cut the lasagna layers into pieces so the small portions will not take too much time to cook.

How do you Know When Frozen Lasagna is Done? 

It is vital to take the lasagna out from the air fryer or oven when the cooking time is up. The lasagna has several layers of lasagna sheets, beef, sauce, and cheese. So how to know if the dish is ready? You can simply use a toothpick or thin knife to check whether the core has been cooked well.

If the toothpick goes in without any finger pressure, the meal is ready. Similarly, you will feel that the toothpick has been warm. There is another advanced way to determine the readiness of the dish. If you can use a food thermometer, it will tell you the exact temperature of the dish. All you have to do is stick it at the core of your meal; then, the thermometer will show you the temperature. If the temperature is 165F or more, the lasagna is ready to go.


The Most popular comforting food, lasagna, can be made within a short time using the air fryer. We discussed the overall process, including the time and temperature, in this article. When it comes to cooking time, there are some factors that can change the time, such as the power of the air fryer and the thickness of the lasagna.

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