Who doesn’t like to eat empanadas? We know that there is no way for such a person to exist in this world. So, shall we see how to bake frozen empanadas? We will give a small warning; before you read this, prepare a small book to note the necessary things. And grab a snack to eat because you may get hungry while reading this.

We know you must be a foodie, joining today’s article. So let’s learn how to bake the most delicious empanadas effortlessly. If you are new to the food world or haven’t heard about empanadas before, don’t overthink. Let’s clear it all up. This is not difficult. It is very simple.

What are Frozen Empanadas?

Empanada is a popular and delicious food that is consisted of pastry and filling. Although this is found in Latin America, it is also found in countries such as Spain and Portugal and in some other countries of the world. We are sure that anyone who tried them once love this tasty food all along.

And making empanadas is a concise and easy task.

Okay, let’s understand the topic of frozen empanadas. Once you make empanadas, you freeze them to preserve for later consumption. You can keep empanadas for up to 4 months. The significant thing is they should be completely covered and sealed with parchment paper or wax paper. Seen this is simpler than you think.

Which is Better? Baked or Fried Empanadas?

The two best general methods you can follow when making empanadas are frying and baking. But which of these two is better? In fact, it is very relative. Of course, you are free to do it the easy way. But we will give a brief introduction to its effect here.

Well, if we talk about frying first, the best advantage here is that it can be done quickly. And anyone can make it even without special cooking tools. But the main disadvantage is that if the food goes cool, we have to fry it again to keep it warm. Then your empanadas will make a significant difference in both taste and texture.

The other method is baking. This is a healthy method because baking does not require oil. Strangely enough, how harmful is oil? Also, baked empanadas can be kept for a long time. If the food gets cold, you can reheat it with a toaster. Otherwise, it is enough to heat in the oven for a short time. The main disadvantage here is that it takes more time. More cooking equipment is also essential.

As we mentioned before, this can be done according to your opinion. If you look at it from the point of view of being healthy, baking is leading the race. From the point of view of time, it is frying.

Okay, today we are going to discuss the baking method, especially how to bake frozen empanadas.

How to Bake Frozen Empanadas?

Okay, now let’s see how to properly bake frozen empanadas, which is the core of our exciting conversation today. There are only a few straightforward steps involved.

First, you need to preheat your oven to 350 degrees Celsius. 15 minutes is usually enough to bake frozen empanadas. But if you bought one from a food store, you should read the recipe instructions on the back.

Now first, take parchment paper or aluminum foil. Then line them on the baking tray and spread your frozen empanadas.

Don’t think twice if you want a delicious and spectacular golden crust. Brush the top of the empanadas with both egg yolk and white mixture before putting it in the oven.

Then take the empanadas out of the oven and let them cool. Now you can enjoy empanadas with a delicious golden crust.

How to Make Empanadas?

If you do not know how to make empanadas at home, this part is for you. Now don’t think this the biggest problem in the world. This is very simple. So, let’s see how to make empanadas and properly bake frozen empanadas.

In order to do that, you require a filling made from fish, any type of meat, any vegetable, and cheese. The filling is placed in the middle, and the dough is placed on top of the filling to seal the filling into a beautiful shape and bake.

  • Empanadas Dough

Here you can use pastry dough. Make a dough using flour, salt, eggs, cold butter, and water. After kneading, quickly wrap in aluminum foil or tape. You can freeze and keep it for months if needed. It is a very easy method, even if you can use the pre-cooked dough.

  • Ingredients & Fillings for Empanadas

You can use tomato sauce here with any meat such as chicken, pork, or beef. But here, it is said that people traditionally used it in fish and tomato sauce. However, the unique feature is that this empanada has received a new meaning in each region. Especially now that many people use other condiments instead of tomato sauce. That’s because tomato sauce tends to spoil quickly. Anyway, you can use anything for this. Pick something that suits this dish and is unique to your region, and make the filling. Then use the dough to create a beautiful shape and seal the filling. Now you can bake or freeze.

The Last Word

We know you don’t even have the patience to read our last word from here on. You are now waiting to taste empanadas soon. We hope you know how to Bake Frozen Empanadas now. This is not a big deal. It has a straightforward recipe and is very easy to make. 

Keep in mind that every edge must be covered if you freeze the empanadas you make. Or, when you try to use it again, it may have ice and water in it. Therefore, if you freeze it, seal it well in parchment paper and then freeze it. Otherwise, your hard work is useless.

Today we talked about the baking method, but we can also fry it if we want. We will remind you again to be careful about the time you bake. So enjoy your empanadas!

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