Yes. it is a great option for weight loss. Pho is a noodle soup made with rice noodles, a protein source—usually beef or chicken—and a clear broth that has been spiced up. The origin of this dish is Vietnam.  On a cold day, it is the perfect comfort food. Is Pho healthy for losing weight?

Pho is considered an excellent weight-loss food;

  • high protein content – encourages satisfaction
  • light yet tasty soup – low in calories
  • use of carbs – makes a well-balanced meal

Just 403 calories, including 10 grams of fat, 29 grams of protein, and 60 grams of carbohydrates, are contained in one serving of Pho.

What Are the Nutritional Benefits of Pho?

Pho is a perfect dish in principle since it contains all the essential ingredients: good carbs, protein, and fat. The balance of vegetables, broth, and protein is the key to it. Using rice noodles supplies lowers the amounts of carbohydrates, and using chicken broth instead of meat makes the dish healthier and more beneficial in weight loss. 

The traditional Pho contains protein as well as iron, B vitamins, and zinc. Depending on the herbs and vegetables you use, you may also add other vitamins and some fibre to your bowl. Fibres are good for constipation which makes the dish healthier.

The spices you add to Pho can further boost its benefits. Important phytochemicals that can be anti-inflammatory, metabolism-boosting and more are found in spices. Even rice noodles contain nutrients like selenium, potassium, magnesium, folic acid, and B vitamins.

Is Pho Healthy for Losing Weight?

It’s Gluten-free in Pho

The rice noodles and a small portion of the vegetables in Pho provide the majority of the dish’s carbs. Because they are gluten-free and contain fewer carbohydrates than flour or egg noodles, rice noodles are regarded as healthier than those. Pho is among the greatest noodle meals for achieving your health and weight loss objectives because it has a little lower carbohydrate content.

Low in Calories

Adding meat as the broth is the way to gain fat for Pho. You may reduce the number of calories in this dish even more if you stick to the vegetables and the veggie broth. In place of heavy, high-fat ingredients, meat broth and vegetable broth can be used to make dishes lighter or as a low-calorie meal.

Full of Protein

Whether you consume meat or vegetables or are a vegan, Pho may simply be loaded with protein. Vegans and vegetarians can replace tofu with meat. Protein is the fuel for weight loss and an important factor for your body’s structure.

Pho is a healthy and balanced meal that is perfect for making healthier choices and weight loss.

Moreover, Pho has a lot of ginger, which also provides the soup with some of its most energizing properties. As ginger has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it’s the ideal mood booster for anyone feeling down.

What Are the Potential Drawbacks of Pho for Weight Loss?

Sodium Levels May Be High

Pho can contain a lot of sodium, especially when it’s prepared commercially. The average salt content of soup bases and broths is close to 1,000 mg per 240 ml serving. Hence, just one dish of pho could include half of your recommended daily intake of sodium.

In some groups, eating excessively sodium can have serious health impacts, the most noticeable of which is raised blood pressure. Making vegetable broth instead of beef bone broth will result in decreased sodium levels.

What Are the Potential Drawbacks of Pho for Weight Loss

Calories Can Easily Add Up

Depending on the variety of noodles and meat cuts used, pho’s caloric value might vary substantially. Choose a rice noodle that is higher in fibre to save calories. By consuming additional veggies, such as carrots, mushrooms, bean sprouts, or dark leafy greens, you can also enhance the amount of fibre and nutrients in your diet. But not more than the amount you consume regularly. Choose a thinner cut of beef, like top round, to reduce extra fat and meat calories. Lower-fat protein alternatives, such as tofu or chicken, also function well.

Can Pho Be Used as a Meal Replacement for Weight Loss?

Yes, you can

The breakfast dish pho is well-liked in Vietnam. Given its high protein content, which encourages satiety, light yet tasty broth, which is relatively low in calories, and use of carbs, which makes it a well-balanced meal, pho can be an excellent weight loss food.

Here are the things to keep in mind when making a healthy pho:

  1. Choose a Protein: Round-eye or flank steak from beef, chicken, shellfish, or tofu are all good options. Avoid beef balls, which are primarily made of fatty meat cuts and carbohydrates.
  2. Observe the Size: Typically, a medium dish of pho will have more noodles than protein. Choose the smaller size and include more protein.
  3. Eat More Veggies: This will increase your meal’s sensation of fullness without adding a lot of extra calories.

What is the Healthiest Pho Option?

Chicken pho is the healthiest for weight – loss. But if you are a vegan or don’t eat meat it’s best to use tofu instead of meat. The least-calorie dish is generally chicken pho, which is also a decent ingredient of lean protein. If you prefer beef the most, round cuts are the healthiest, like brisket and flank. 

Does Pho have a Lot of Fat?

No, and Yes. As mentioned here, the use of ingredients makes the decision.  Since the broth has very little oil to provide a lightweight and delightful flavor, the majority of the fat in pho will derive from the meats. As a result, it may be less calorie- and fat-dense than other noodle dishes.

You may make this dish even lower in fat than it already is by substituting some of the standard meats for slimmer cuts of meat or protein sources because the majority of the fat comes from the slices of meat or meatballs.  When attempting to maintain a diet with a modest level of fat while still being capable of enjoying a hearty and satisfying supper, pho is an excellent dish to have.

Is Ramen or Pho Healthier?

Pho is the healthiest.

Ramen has more fat than Pho, which has more freshly chosen components. Compared to Pho, the meat used in ramen dishes is typically fattier and thicker. And the maximum amount of fat in a typical bowl of ramen is 15g, but a typical bowl of Pho is 5g or less. In terms of calories, a medium bowl of Pho has more calories compared to calories in a medium bowl of ramen. Also, Pho has more protein and fewer carbs compared to ramen, which has the opposite. Finally, Ramen has less sodium than Pho. So, the final conclusion is Pho is the healthiest.

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