Are you in love with those easily made but heavenly felt scones or donuts made out of canned biscuits? We all admit that canned biscuits are a lifesaver when you step out of bed for a quick breakfast. Do canned biscuits go bad? This is the frequent puzzle every one of us comes up with when we have extra pieces that we literally do not want to throw away.

Well, it is so complicated to give this question a direct answer without knowing the other consequences you had with your canned biscuit already. Therefore, in this article, we have tried to put forward the instances that are commonly seen by consumers along with the exact answers for each situation.

When it comes to food and nutrition, we must not play any games that trivialize any food we get. Starting from the smallest impact- a stomach ache, it can even cause food poisoning making you rest on your bed for a few days. A simple mistake made with your carelessness will sometimes cause you a huge trouble in continuing your work or daily routine. So, this article is an effort made to avoid such terrible instances by taking non-consumable canned biscuits.

Do Canned Biscuits Go Bad?

Canned biscuit is processed with preservatives when manufacturing. TBHQ and citric acid are two preservatives that can be seen commonly. It is true that TBHQ is to prevent fat oxidation and citric acid Citric acids increase the self-life of food by preventing the growth of mold, bacteria, and fungus.

But it is important to keep in mind that the action of these preservatives is completely valid inside the air-tight tin or packet in which those come in. There is also a limit on the time period in which we can use the food, as mentioned on the labels of the container. 

Canned biscuits can go bad due to the faults of packaging and storing.

How Long Is Canned Biscuit Good for When kept at Room Temperature?

When the canned biscuits are taken out from their container, they become exposed to the outer atmosphere. Then various bacterial reactions and moist absorption could take place. The result is a non-consumable canned biscuit. Hence when an open pack is kept on the countertop, it will become soggy and spoiled after about two hours. If it is a more humid day, the time will lessen by up to one hour. This is the reason that the manufacturers mention it, especially with the packaging to keep in a refrigerator.

How Long Is Canned Biscuit Good for In the Refrigerator?

Now, think that if you need half of the can for one serve. You will probably think that you can use it some other time and keep it in the refrigerator. You may think that as you followed the labeled instructions in the package, it will be all good for another side dish two weeks after. But the sad truth is you wasted the remaining by just only using the refrigerator without sealing it.

An unopened canned biscuit could have a life span of about one month when kept in the refrigerator even after its expiry date. Sometimes this time may be lengthened up to two months. Besides, if the package has holes and damage, it will not give the same expected results as bacteria and fungi could get in touch with the food.

A must factor in storing an opened can biscuit is to keep those in an airtight container. It is also necessary to keep the sealed bags in the back line of the storage (the place with the highest and constant heat even if you open the door of the fridge hundreds of times a day) in order to get a stable, cool surrounding.

How Long Is Canned Biscuit Good for In the Freezer?

The temperature inside every freezer is 0 Fahrenheit or lower. This is not favorable for the action of bacteria. The bacteria die; even the canned food you opened before contained some amount before freezing. But remember that this should be done just after you took enough out of the can. Don’t delay it for hours. Thus, freezer is the best place to store your canned biscuit.

Freezer saves your canned biscuits for at least three months past the expiration date. Some will continue without spoiling for about three or four years. When storing one time used half packet, you can rest them on an oil paper or a backing sheet separately, which is spread on a tray. After that, a plastic cover airtight the tray. This time can be extended by wrapping each piece of dough with aluminum foil and keeping it inside a sealed plastic wrap.

When using frozen, canned biscuits, you can keep them on the lower refrigerator part and thaw them for one night over. You will realize that biscuits are as fresh as just bought ones.

How to Identify Spoiled Canned Biscuits?

Now we know that humidity, bacteria, virus, and yeast make our lovelies spoiled. If you accidentally left a half remaining on the table, you must check whether it has signs of spoiling on it.

Change in color

When you observe from the naked eye, if you could see decoloration. It showcases that molds have found a place to grow healthily.

It is true that at some point, we become greedy to through away, thinking of it as a waste. But if you see mold, it is an instance where canned biscuits have begun to rot and are bad for consumption.

Change in odor

When you do not observe a color change clearly, smell it! If it gives a very nasty smell, then definitely the biscuits have become a waste. You know, usually canned biscuits do not present any smells, or sometimes there is a soothing smell.

Always keep in mind that out of odor is out of order! Do not risk your precious time and health by eating any suspected canned biscuits.


Do canned biscuits go bad is a question that has different answers according to the way those were stored and the time of exposure to air.  We have discussed in this article to avoid such circumstances together with the methods of identifying spoiled food.

We hope you will use these preservation methods in your next try on canned biscuits. Bon appetite! You May Also Like:

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