01. Introduction

Do you know Banana is among one of the most important fruits in the world?? On the global level, it is produced more than apples and oranges on the industrial scale. It has become a staple calorie source due to the high carbohydrate content it has. That’s why banana has an important place in the world and when considering banana health benefits, it’ not measurable. So, in this article, we reveal some amazing health benefits of Banana.

02. What are the nutritional  and functional benefits of banana??

Banana contains a high amount of carbohydrates as it contains high amount of sugars. In addition it contains

  • Fiber
  • vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin B5 , vitamin B6 (pantothenic acid and pyridoxine respectively)
  • Choline
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Sodium

When considering the phytochemical profile of banana, different parts have different concentrations of bioactive compounds. Banana rhizome is a rich source of polyphenol compounds which have strong antioxidant activity while banana pulp and banana fruit peel are called as the best sources of antioxidant compounds. And they contain many bioactive compounds, such as flavonoids, carotenoids, vitamin C, phenolic acids, and vitamin E that provide many human health benefits. There is a number of carotenoids present in bananas including β-carotene, α-carotene, and β-cryptoxanthin, and also the types phenols present are tannins, anthocyanin, Gallic acid, catechin, and epicatechin. [1]

You may be surprised to see the plenty of health benefits that these compounds have:

  • Catechin – Increase the plasma antioxidant activity and  the oxidation of fat
  • Gallic acid – Antioxidant effects
  • Quercetin – Encourage blood flow and improve cardiovascular health
  • Ferulic acid – Possess anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-allergenic, antimicrobial   and anticarcinogenic effects
  • Tannic acid – Act as medicinal agents for the treatment in  burns
  • Coumaric acid  –  Possess antioxidant properties and lower risk of stomach cancer
  • Cinnamic acid – Act as a precursor to the sweetener aspartame
  • Trans-α carotene – Act as a Precursor to vitamin A
  • Trans-β carotene – Anti-cancer properties and improving heart health
  • Catecholamines – Elevates the glucose levels, blood pressure, and  rate of heart    

Now let’s see what are the antioxidant properties in detail.

03. Antioxidant Activity

Antioxidant Activity We prefer to eat the banana pulp not the peel. But some experts say that there is a stronger antioxidant activity in  the extract of  banana peel (catechin) than the extract of the pulp. The reason for this difference may be the antioxidant potential of the compounds.  Between the peel and the pulp extract their phenolic contents are different. However These phenolics present in banana have amazing effects in preventing cancer in the human body. According to the Bioactivity Index (BI) for dietary cancer prevention banana  is in sixth place among eleven common fruits. Apart from that phenolic acids  and flavonoids which are  also components of polyphenol compounds play a major role in antioxidant activity. [2]

04. How banana can prevent Diseases??

01. Banana for  Diabetes

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Control Diabetes with banana
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Have you ever thought that that consuming banana routinely would help to decrease the blood sugar level while increasing the haemoglobin level in the body?

  • Some researches on banana have revealed as it  is rich in fibre and iron it can help in the production of red blood cells. They contain fibers like  pectin and resistant starch .This fibers  help to regulate blood sugar levels in the body while iron content helps in elevating hemoglobin levels.
  • Besides this fruit is considered as a low to medium GI (Glycemic index) food ,which makes it a favourable food for people with high blood sugar levels.

But if you are a diabetic patient try to  limit the  ripen banana consumption because they  have a considerable GI value (GI value of ripen bananas is around 60), which may increase sugar levels in the blood. But slightly ripen bananas will have no issue because their GI value is around 30.That means semi ripen bananas have better effects on your  blood sugar levels. Apart from that Insulin resistance is a vital  risk factor for most of serious diseases in the world  including type 2 diabetes. Several research studies suggest that  resistant starch in banana  can facilitate insulin sensitivity, which proves its contribution in preventing diabetes.  [3]

02.Do you know that bananas can reduce risk of high blood pressure??

Regulate blood pressure
Regulate blood pressure with Banana
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Potassium is the mineral responsible for regulating blood pressure. Well banana is rich in potassium!!

According to FDA,

“Diets containing foods that are good sources of potassium and low in  sodium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.”

Besides Banana can regulate the electrolyte balance in your body which aids in reducing high blood pressure. A research team found that different varieties of ripen bananas can reduce blood pressure by 10%.

03. Preventing digestive disorders

You know banana is rich in fibers. There are two types,

  • Resistant starch
  • Pectin

Resistant starches in Banana may be able to tolerate the digestion of stomach and intestine until it reaches the colon. Then they are digested by Healthy gut microflora in your body and release phytochemicals that have health benefits. [4]

Prevent Digestive Disorders
Prevent Digestive Disorders
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Banana is good for constipation too. Banana blossom has a more favorable effect to treat constipation because

  • The soluble fibers in the blossom form a gel with food materials and water making it easy to pass through the intestine.
  • Furthermore, the insoluble fibers give a bulkiness to the waste food materials. This is why you should increase the intake of banana and banana blossoms to aid digestive health.

Banana consists of the high content of phytochemicals such as polyphenols. These compounds can also survive until colon digestion. These compounds are associated with other health benefits. Dietary fiber present in banana is linked to a number of health benefits other than improving digestion. Some late researches reveal that pectin in this fruit is helpful in preventing colon cancer in addition to the above benefits. [5]

04. Preventing heart diseases

Prevent Heart Attacks
Prevent Heart Attacks
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Do you know Banana is rich with minerals such as Potassium and magnesium?

That is important in maintaining heart health. Especially this is essential for controlling blood pressure. Although the potassium level is very vital for bodily functions, few people get sufficient quantities of potassium to fulfill their dietary requirements.

Average banana fruit contains about 8% of the potassium of total nutrient content. Banana can fulfill 9% of the total dietary requirement. Therefore consume more bananas and have a potassium-rich diet which can help you to lower blood pressure. Apart from this, banana contains sufficient amounts of magnesium which may also be helpful in reducing heart diseases.[6]

05. Preventing Kidney Diseases

Prevent Kidney disease
Prevent Kidney disease by adding banana to your diet
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The same Potassium is necessary for healthy kidney function. As banana is rich in potassium, it may be especially beneficial for regulating the health of kidneys. Because potassium ions can reduce the excretion of calcium through the excretory system. Thereby it can prevent the formation of kidney stones. Several Study reports suggest that eating bananas as a routine will be helpful in reducing the risk of development of kidney disorders. The more you eat bananas, the more you will be able to get rid of kidney diseases. [7]

06.Banana for weight control

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Eat banana and control your weight
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Banana has a low-calorie content and high fiber content which makes it a weight controlling fruit. Water-insoluble  fibers(resistant starch) in banana give

  • Bulkiness to the foods we eat and
  • May reduce the appetite

These two factors are most important in weight loss. Although banana has fewer calories it has a very nutritious composition which makes it an excellent dietary source. As the sugar content increases with ripening try to have semi ripen ones for weight control.  [6]

07. Bananas are useful in Infections

Usually, banana blossoms have a more beneficial effect with regard to infections. The extract of the blossoms has antimicrobial properties against certain bacterial species such as Bacillus cereus ,Bacillus subtilis, ,and Escherichia coli, etc.

Some experts suggest that malic acid is the bioactive compound responsible for the above properties. Apart from that, the same extracts can be used in healing the wounds.

How about banana blossoms against Malaria ?? Late researches say that Plasmodium falciparum , The parasite responsible for malaria can also be defeated by the banana blossom juice extract. Compounds in this extract can prevent the growth and development of the parasite.  [8]

08. Banana for Improving Your Physical Exercise

Woman health with exercise
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As you know banana is a fleshy and yummy fruit that can be easily consumed. Not only the ease of consumption, but it also contains fast-digesting carbohydrates that aid fast and easy digestion. That means you can get the energy to your body faster. Moreover banana contains many essential nutrients that may aids your bone health. And also some minerals like K, Mg, and vitamins in banana help to prevent unnecessary muscle contractions in athletes. That’s why you should include banana to your diet   if you are an athlete or  you do regular exercise !! [9]

The Bottom line… With the above facts now you know how banana aids your body health. Therefore at least you can try to eat banana once a week if you don’t like it as a fruit to improve your health. You can either consume in fresh raw form as well as in processed forms like dried banana chips, healthy banana breads banana snacks, etc.[10]


Healthy food is one of the ultimate factor for healthy long-lasting life. As a Food scientist who completed BSc (Hons) Degree on Food Science and Technology, I like to use my knowledge in food science to help people. I'm interested in each and every topic related with modern food related health problems because it is the leading factor for most of the health problems today. So I would like to direct my efforts in educating people to lead a healthy life with healthy meals.

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