Both cured and uncured kinds of bacon are among the delicious delicacies given their divine flavor and texture. Things get anxious when the grilling season nears, and people struggle to stock up as much as possible. Been reserved on how long does uncured bacon last? Or how to properly store it? 

Rest easy! We got you covered in this article. 

All your queries and doubts about storing and using uncured bacon have been cleared well here. Buckle up and learn all the facts, tips and tactics to preserve your uncured bacon and celebrate the best moments with it. 

What is Uncured Bacon? 

Let us get this straight before we move in. What is uncured bacon? And how is it different from cured bacon? As we know, cured bacon is salted pork belly, processed with nitrates and other edible chemical content for preservation and flavor enhancement.

Is uncured bacon the opposite of it? Not really. Uncured bacon is, in reality, actually cured bacon. How you may ask. Uncured bacon is cured with natural celery juice, as there is plenty of nitrate content in it. 

The only difference is that cured bacon is chemically cured, while uncured bacon is naturally cured. However, both are pork belly. 

How Long Does Uncured Bacon Last? 

The timespan you can store your uncured bacon can depend on two primary factors, 

  1. The storage method 
  2. The storage location 

If you store it using the correct method in the right location, the bacon will last up to 3 to 4 months (frozen). If you smoke the bacon before freezing, you can preserve it for up to 6 months. Although the average shelf life lasts between one to two weeks.

However, the state of the bacon will also affect this period. 

Unopened packages of bacon tend to last longer than opened packages. Similarly, cooked bacon will last for more extended periods than uncooked bacon. 

Freezing uncured bacon is a better way to preserve it long-term. Even after thawing frozen bacon, you can still use it for 2 to 3 days without any deterioration. 

Nevertheless, environmental factors such as humidity and temperature can also influence the state of the bacon. 

How to Store Uncured Bacon? 

How long your bacon will last entirely or greatly depends on the method you store it. One small mistake, and the risk of the bacon going bad is relatively high. 

Fret not; we will shed light on how you can store your uncured bacon for the short and long term. To store bacon for the short term, simply refrigerating it will do. If you want it for the long term, you must freeze it. 

Okay, now when I say freeze, simply throwing it into the freezer will not do. You need to follow a systematic procedure to ensure maximum safety of the condition of the bacon. 

We will guide you through the steps you need to follow to store your bacon. Be all ears. 

  • To start, separate the bacon slices individually to prepare them for storage. 
  • Roll the strips one by one. We need to separate the slices before putting them into the freezer as it is highly likely for the slices to stick to one another and become challenging to strip out during the need for cooking. 
  • Once the slices are correctly rolled out, pre-freeze them until they attain a solid state. You do not have to wait until they turn strong and unbreakable. Once they surpass their soft condition and become firm, it is time. Usually, it will take around 4 to 6 hours for bacon strips to attain this state. 
  • After pre-freezing the strips, pass them into an air-tight container or a heavy-duty freezer bag. We do not want our bacon subjected to freezer burns and external reactants in the atmosphere. 

And voila, you did it! The uncured bacon will rest fresh and unspoiled for 6 months. It can go up to six months, depending on the climatic conditions. But better quality is promised until 6 months, so it is advisable to use it within that span. 

When you want to use it, you can take the number of strips out of the bag/ container and thaw it before using it. 

If you’re wondering if you can use the same method to store cured bacon, then yes, you can obviously use the exact method to store cured bacon for up to 6 months.

How to Store Uncured Cooked Bacon? 

What if the uncured bacon is cooked, and there are leftovers? Can you still store it? 

Yes, you can store cooked bacon as well. 

However, it doesn’t work the same way uncooked bacon does. 

Although you can store cooked bacon, you will only be able to do so for about a week. Let’s get to the process. It is pretty simple. Cool down the bacon, wipe the grease and oil off and follow the same method we used to store raw uncured bacon. 

Thaw and enjoy the next time. 

How to Identify Spoiled Uncured Bacon? 

It is crucial to pay attention to the state of bacon before consuming it. Spoiled or deteriorated bacon can cause health hazards ranging from a regular stomach ache to severe consequences. 

To be cautious about this factor, keep an eye on the storage span of the uncured bacon. Write down the storage date in a book or the package you use to store the bacon. Sometimes, memory is a cheater. 

So how can you identify bacon that is unsuitable for consumption? 

Pay attention to the below-mentioned factors, 

  • Color 
  • Taste 
  • Smell 

If the color of the bacon alters, it is a sign that the bacon is deteriorating. It can go from its original color to grey and eventually a greyish-black color. 

A significant difference in taste is also a sign that the bacon should be discarded. 

A foul/ rotten smell is another indicator. 

Do not hesitate to dump the bacon if any of the above-explained symptoms are seen in your bacon. Bacon can be bought, but health cannot be. 

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