Surely Annona is a common fruit you also called as soursop. You can find this fruit in many parts of the world. It is Native to tropical and subtropical regions in the world.  Particularly Annona is a kind of fruit that most people use for traditional medicine. Surely you can use Annona for the treatment of diseases in your body and also in the prevention of a number of ailments.[1]

2. Nutrition profile of Annona

Like many other fruits, Annona provides essential nutrients to your body. Clearly it includes carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. In addition, it contains plenty of,

  • soluble and insoluble fibers,
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid )
  • Vitamin A (Carotenoids)
  • minerals like calcium,  potassium, sodium, copper, magnesium, and iron.

3. What is the Phytochemical profile of Annona??

Many scientific studies reveal that Annona is rich in most phytochemicals. These phytochemicals include, ;

  • Alkaloids
  • Flavonoids
  • Megastigmanes
  • Cyclopeptides
  • And some of the essential oils

Furthermore, Soursops are also a rich source of phenolic compounds such as gallic acid, dicaffeoylquinic acid, feruloylglycoside, etc. [2]

According to the latest research studies, researchers conclude that different varieties of soursops have relatively similar contents of these compounds.[2]Therefore without a difference, from any variety, you can get those essential nutrients. Although these compounds are not essential for survival they are important for the prevention of chronic diseases. (1)

4. Phytochemicals in different plant parts of Annona

Surely there are many phytochemical compounds throughout the various parts of the Annona plant. Not only the fruit but also the stem and barks also have many benefits.[4] [5]

  • Phytochemicals in the fruit – Alkaloids (include annonaine, nornuciferine, asimilobine) and phenolic compounds ( include feruloylglycoside , coumaric acid and dicaffeoylquinic acid)
  • leaves and seeds contain acetogenin compounds like muricatocin, annonacin, and annopentocin etc.
  • Stem barks contain  alkaloids such as reticuline , coclaurine , coreximine , anomurine , anomuricine etc. [6]

Now lets see what are the benefits of this phytochemicals and how they affect your health??

5. What are the health benefits of Annona??

Surely you can use Soursop as a traditional medicine against a number of disorders, especially for parasitic infections and cancer. you can mainly use this fruit for;[7]

  • Arthritis,
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin rashes
  • Dysentery
  • Malaria
  • Parasites
  • Fever
  • Worms

Apart from that, you can give them to lactating mothers to elevate their mother’s milk after childbirth. And the leaves you can use to treat headaches, diabetes, and insomnia.[5]

Moreover, you can crush the seeds and use that extract against intestinal worms. In some countries, people use this plant as a remedy to treat coughs and skin diseases. In addition to the above effects, it is consumed by pregnant mothers to enhance their milk level. [8]

01. How Annona Prevent Cancer??


Now Let’s see how soursop can prevent cancer. Do you know that there many Different scientific types of research are going on soursop ?? Well according to most of the research results, experts suggest that by using various extracts of the soursop plant,you can use them against cancer cell lines.[9]

Clearly, some Recent studies suggest that organic extracts (ethyl acetate ) of  Annona leaves can be used against colon cancer and lung cancer. This is due to the inhibitory effect of compounds in leaf extract on the migration and invasion of colon cancer cells.[10]

In addition to that leaf extracts also have shown inhibitory effects on leukemic cells of the body. Apart from that, it can prevent breast cancer and prostate cancer too.[10]

Furthermore, soursop extracts can inhibit the metabolism and survival of pancreatic cancer cell lines.

More significantly Some experts about soursop say that there are active compounds in soursop that have 10000 times stronger effects in preventing the growth of cancer cell lines. [9]

You can easily prepare homemade treatment with soursop leaves as follows;

  1. Boil about 10-12 leaves in three cups of water
  2. Then concentrate it up to one cup
  3. Filter the final solution and cool it

Drink this solution for about four weeks in every morning. Definitely You will be surprised with the results.

02. Antioxidant effect of Annona

how antioxidants reduce the free radicals

There’s no doubt that Antioxidants present in soursop are important to protect the cells. Especially in avoiding oxidizing agents and neutralizing their effects. This prevents your body from cell damage caused by free radicals. [9]

The seeds and leaves of the plant contain enzymatic antioxidants, such as

  • Catalase
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E

Especially vitamin C in soursop has favorable effects on the absorption of iron during digestion. And also in reducing the negative effect of phytates and polyphenols.

On the other hand Dietary fiber in soursop is also important for certain functions. especially in increasing the viscosity and water retention of digestive matter by reducing the action of certain digestive enzymes. Furthermore, these fibers can influence the digestion rate and the absorption of nutrients. [6] [12]

03. Antidiabetic and Hypolipidemic Activity??


When considering anti-diabetic effects, Our ancestors used soursop in traditional medicines against diabetes. Surely most of these effects are a result of the bioactive compounds in soursop including antioxidants. [13]

Several studies done on Annona reveal that organic extracts of Annona leaves have significant potential effects in reducing their blood glucose concentration. Especially within a short time period.

Apart from that, the very same extract can be used for reducing serum cholesterol and triglyceride, and low-density lipids. [8]

  04. Anti-parasitic Activity of Annona in the Body.

Anti-parasitic Activity

In the human body, clearly some Protozoal infections lead to diseases, such as leishmaniasis. This will affect a considerable proportion of the population. In that case, Annona plant extracts act as significant substitutes for protozoal diseases for recently available drugs. Because in terms of long term usage and side effects, Annona extracts are better. And also there is no development of resistance like in most drugs in current medicines. [5]

You can Organic extracts of leaves and the seeds of Annona can be used against species such as Trypanosoma cruzi and  leishmania.

In addition to that Annona seeds and leaves also showed significant antiparasitic effects against gastrointestinal parasites. The major bioactive compounds responsible for the above effects are acetogenin compounds.[8]

05. Immune boosting effects of Soursop

immune boosting effects of Soursop

well, there is a considerable effect in soursop for your immune health. Soursop leaves have the best effects in this scenario. It can prevent infections from occurring in the body [9]

According to a study done on mouses some research experts say that leaf extract of soursop can induce activation of macrophage and cytokines production in the body. This act as a immuno-stimulatory effect on the host body during an infection. [14]

Particularly the nutrient composition of soursop leaves is the most possible reason for immune-boosting effects and infection prevention effects.
in the body. You can simply prepare a leaf extract in the home by yourself to achieve significant health benefits.[9]

  1. First boil about 4-5 leaves of soursop in four cups of water
  2. Allow it to concentrate upto a one cup
  3. now it’s ready!!

Drink this regularly to drive out the benefits of soursop.

06. Improving wound healing ability

wound healing ability of Soursop

Soursop has a significant wound healing ability. Particularly in some animal studies. According to those results, organic extracts of Annona leaves can show significant wound healing properties. [15]

However, the antioxidant effects and the anti-inflammatory effects of the extracts are the main reasons for this wound healing ability.

But however, not only the leaf extract but the extract of the stem bark also have the ability to heal wounds. [11]

07. Improves Gastrointestinal health

Soursop for Gastrointestinal health

Annona is a rich source of dietary fiber. Surely This dietary fiber helps to relieve constipation. Besides, it has anti-inflammatory effects too.[7]

Particularly Dietary fiber in soursop can slow down the digestion process and increase the volume of the digestive matter. Furthermore, it can make the fecal matter more smooth making it easy to dispose of. [16] [5]

In addition to the above effects, the anthelmintic properties of soursop can also destroy the parasitic worms in the intestinal tract.

08. It can reduce high blood pressure

prevent cardiovascular diseases with Soursop

Do you know that phenolic compounds in soursop can prevent hypertension??

Well, soursop is fruit-rich with antioxidants like phenolic acids and flavonoids. surely They will help to prevent chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. [17]

You can use an aqueous extract of the leaves to reduce high blood pressure. However, these effects of the extract increase with concentration.[5]

09. How to use Annona for back pains

How to relieve back pain with Soursop

With regular exercise over a long time, pains in the back are a major problem. You may seek different medicinal aids to prevent this. But clearly they are associated with side effects. [18]

Particularly in that case, you can use soursop extracts (especially leaf extract) as an amazing remedy to get rid of back pains. The specialty is There is very little tendency for side effects. You can prepare it very easily as follows. [9]

  1. Boil about 20 leaves of soursop well in five cups of water
  2. Then try to concentrate it up to three cups
  3. Drink 3/4 of a cup of this solution daily

This easily home made remedy will help you to ease of your back will be surprised with the results.


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