You’ve seen a lot of publicity on social media these days about tea as a remedy for the Covid 19 virus. This article will provide you the answers that you are waiting to hear!!!. You know Black tea, green tea, and Oolong tea are popular in different countries around the world. The tea type is determined by the way that tea leaves are processed, dried and fermented.

With the information in this article, You will be amazed to hear that your regular consuming tea has an effect on protecting yourself from Corona.

All the types of tea including Black, green and oolong tea are produced from the same species. The variations in the shape of the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant result in different flavors of these varieties.

Usually black tea consumption in the United States is higher than the other two  And green tea is now becoming popular, accounts for about 20% of  global tea production. Nowadays it is the most common variety in Asia. Oolong tea is becoming popular in southern China and Japan.

Tea contains to caffeine, flavonoids, catechins, and epigallocatechin gallate contain theobromine and theophylline. In addition, green tea contains nutrients such as manganese, fluoride, phosphorus, potassium magnesium.

Health benefits of TEA

Green tea has been proved to have more anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant anti-carcinogenic, and antimicrobial effects on the human body. Polyphenols are the Components in green tea that are Most medically relevant. (1)

Phytochemicals in TEA

The most important polyphenols are the Catechins which belong to the category of flavonoids. The catechins comprise 80-90% of the flavonoids and around 40% of the water-soluble solids in green tea. Tea contains more catechins because it is produced without fermentation In addition tea contains caffeine, flavonoids, theobromine, and theophylline. Furthermore, tea contains nutrients such as manganese, fluoride, phosphorus, potassium magnesium which make them antimicrobial agents. (2)

Antimicrobial effects

Studies have been conducted to examine the antimicrobial effects of catechins in tea on microorganisms. It can combat these organisms in direct and indirect ways, and green tea can be used combined with other antibiotic agents. Other known health benefits of green tea such as the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects may also contribute to the antimicrobial effects. (1,3)

In addition to bactericidal effects , green tea catechins  have also effective against a viruses, fungi ,parasites, , and prions. The antiviral activities include inhibiting the virus from

binding to host cells and entering them, inhibiting the synthesis of viral RNA and DNA and also destroying, altering different viral molecules.

Corona and TEA

Nowadays Coronavirus which you also called COVID 19 is spreading all over the world rapidly. Many people die of this epidemic. Besides, there is no ultimate treatment for the disease that makes it more dangerous.  So what is important is that people should be cautious about the things they consume and how can they improve their health and immunity. For this, you can consume tea as a habit to protect your overall health including Viruses like COVID 19.

Catechins in tea, decrease growth and reduce parasite numbers and. Similarly, Other effects noted in catechins are destroying DNA and reducing fatty acid  Synthesis of the parasite. Likewise catechins able to compromise the growth of parasites in host cells. (4)

Is the rumor about tea is true??

Based on the above facts Researchers at the Zhejiang Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the polyphenols in tea works well in killing parasite cells and suppressing its intracellular distribution. So the research team suggest that tea drinking could prevent new coronavirus infections.

However according to some experts in China, although it has been proven that the tea’s ingredients are capable of suppressing the virus, it does not mean that drinking tea is a possible treatment to prevent COVID 19.

But surely Herbs including tea can help to identify some of the symptoms associated with the COVID-19 virus and are good for overall health. It will reduce the risk of subjecting to the Corona Virus. So better it’s better to include tea to your normal diet. (5,6)


Healthy food is one of the ultimate factor for healthy long-lasting life. As a Food scientist who completed BSc (Hons) Degree on Food Science and Technology, I like to use my knowledge in food science to help people. I'm interested in each and every topic related with modern food related health problems because it is the leading factor for most of the health problems today. So I would like to direct my efforts in educating people to lead a healthy life with healthy meals.

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