Looking for something budget friendly and easy home make for your dinner? Great. After reading this, you’ll find Tostaguac as a super option. You may be or may not be familiar with the term, but once you read this article, you’ll be really in love to try for one.

In this article let’s see what Tostaguac is, what guacamole is, how to prepare guacamole, how to store guacamole, how to prepare tostaguac, its nutritional profile, furthermore variations for tostaguac recipe, health benefits of tostaguac due to avocado and how tostaguac differs from tostadas and chalupa. At first, let’s see what Tostaguac means. Here comes the Tostaguac definition.

What does Tostaguac mean?

Tostaguac can be simply introduced as a Tostada plus Guacamole where you will read it jointly as Tostaguac. It is said to be of Mexican origin in North America. Tostada is comprised of a flat and crisp corn based tortilla topped with beef, refried beans, lettuce, cheese, sliced tomato and Guacamole (1).

Just as it includes beans and beef as well they can also be called as bean tostaguac and beef tostaguac. Some of you may bother how to pronounce the term if you are not a Native American. Tostaguac pronunciation comes as Toast-a-wak (2). At some places, you’ll find it written as Tostaquac also.

At next, have a look at below if you are not familiar with what Guacamole is.

What is Guacamole?

Guacamole is also a Mexican originated dip, spread, or a salad where you find your lovely creamy king of fruits; Avocado as the main ingredient. Accordingly, you may realize that Guacamole and Avocado are not the same. In addition to Mexican cuisine, you’ll find this as a part of International and American cuisine as well. Let’s have a look into how to prepare Guacamole and how to store it safely without being subject to oxidation and rancidity.

Secondly, let’s see how to make a Guacamole at home. It is totally Gluten free and budget friendly. Besides preparing your guacamole at home you can have store brought also. However, having guacamole on your own for tostaguac will satisfy you rather than store brought. Try this ever easy, delicious and authentic Guacamole recipe to be done with your Tostaguac.

Be sure enough to come up with fresh and high quality ingredients as much as possible to achieve a rich flavor profile. Don’t let your Tostaguac go stale.

Guacamole recipe

Guacamole recipe
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 4


  • Knife – Avoid blunt edges. Use sharpen edges as much as possible.
  • Spoon
  • Fork or a potato masher
  • Large mixing bowl – Make sure to have a bowl large enough to mix 3 avocadoes and 3 tomatoes at least.
  • Cutting board


  • Chili/½ Jalapeno/Serrano pepper
  • ½ Onions
  • 3 Tomatoes
  • ½ Small cloves of Garlic
  • Lime juice ( from a ½ or whole lime)
  • Cilantro


  • At first, cut your avocados into halves. Remove the pits.  Using a spoon scoop out the creamy chunks into a large mixing bowl
  • Smash the chunks into your desired level of smoothness using a fork. You will either love it totally as a cream with minute particles or with chewable small chunks in each and every bite.
  • Wash and dice two tomatoes and chop them with mashed avocados
  • Peel ½ of onion and chop it. Then add the chopped ones to the mixing bowl with avocados and tomatoes.
  • Wash and dice ½ of a Jalapeno. You can keep the seeds if you prefer for a spicy finish. Otherwise, remove them. Add the chopped ones to the mix.
  • Peel off the garlic, chop and add them also to the mixing bowl.
  • Squeeze lime juice over the mix as you prefer sour
  • Sprinkle ½ tsp of salt over the mix.
  • Mix and smash using a spoon or fork or a potato masher. The chunks sizes and mashing to which extent is totally up to you. You can leave your guacamole fully chunky or fully mashed to a spread.
  • Cover and place the prepared guacamole in the refrigerator until needed


Additional tips
  • First, let’s see how to pick one with exact ripeness. This is the main secret behind making perfect guacamole. You’ll feel off-taste if you use a too ripen one or a too raw one.
  • If you love some sensation of heat, Serrano pepper will do an extra heat. If you feel like fresh Jalapeno is too much hot and spicy you can look for green chilies instead to have a little bit in spicy.
  • In Mexico, you’ll find mostly yellow onions. However, you can try with red onions as well.
  • Avoid too many watery tomato varieties as you would not love to find a damp Tostaguac. Less juicy Roma tomatoes would be great.
  • Does the authentic guacamole recipe have garlic? Using garlic is totally up to you. But it’s better to rejoice with some garlic whenever it is possible due to its unique taste
  • Take care not to use aged lime juices. Must sprinkle your guac with fresh ones.

How to find a perfectly ripe avocado?

Being Avocado the main ingredient, let’s get in touch with how to select a firmly ripen avocado for the purpose and how to peel it out to get the middle chunks.

The only thing you have to do is give a gentle press by your finger on the fruit’s surface. If you feel like the finger is going deeper inside, the fruit is over ripen. The finger is not going deep, the fruit is still remaining raw. If you feel like the finger is moving a little deep that is the exact ripeness required for a perfect guacamole.

In addition, let’s see how to peel an avocado.

How to peel an avocado?

At first, cut the avocado lengthwise into two halves. Keep in mind to use sharp edges. Blunt edges will crush the fruits while cutting. You’ll find the pit in one half. You can remove the pit in either two way. One method is by tapping your knife against the pit and twisting to dislodge it. The other method is cutting your avocado into quarters and removing the pits using fingers or a spoon.

Are you bothering with brown colored stains in your creamy chunky Guacamoles? Definitely, you may be. Avocado is a top ingredient you find in Guacamole. It is having the potential of subjecting to chemical oxidation as time passes on. This is just the same as what you observed in apples. Oxidized pulp with brown colored spots will render you unappealing to eat. Therefore, you should take care when storing Guacamole to prevent it from oxidizing. Let’s see how to do it.

How to store Guacamole?

However, proper storage and lime juice added will slow down the browning of chunks for a few days. The top fact here is that your Guacamole shouldn’t touch air. For that, you can cover the dish with a plastic based wrap (3). Just after covering, quickly squeeze on the wrap to relieve if there are any air pockets trapped. Next, keep your covered Guacamole dish in the refrigerator. You could save for about 3-4 days in this way. However, if you observe some brown spots developing in your Guacamole unfortunately, smear them off at the very first sight.

Other ways of using guacamole

In addition to using guacamole in tostaguac, you can try these creamy chunks for other dishes as well. Avocado incorporated guacamole will be great with oven baked chickens, grilled salmon, tacos, tuna sandwiches, enchiladas and will be perfect with devilled eggs too (3).

At next let’s see how to do the prepared guacamole with Tostaguac (5).

Tostaguac recipe

Fresh vegeterian Mexican tostadas on purple cutting board.

Tostaguac recipe

Tostaguac recipe
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 8


  • Microwave oven


  • 8 Tostada shells
  • 16 ounces Canned refried beans
  • 1 diced tomato
  • 1 cup Shredded lettuce
  • ½ cup Shredded cheese
  • Pre-prepared guacamole

Additional ingredients ( if you prefer)

  • Garlic powder
  • Cilantro to garnish your tostaguac
  • Ground black pepper
  • Salsa


  • At first, refried beans should be heated on a saucepan on the hearth or in a microwave oven.
  • Once they are done, sprinkle some on the tostada shells.
  • Subsequently, the only thing you have to do hereafter is to place the prepared ingredients and the other on your tostadas as an art. Culinary is not just putting things together. A fancy art is there, you can try the following order.
  • You can sprinkle shredded lettuce first, then pre-prepared guacamole, cheese and finally the seasoned or unseasoned tomatoes you have done earlier.
  • Then you can add some lime juice,cilantro, garlic powder and salsa according to your preference. You can sprinkle more pepper for a hotter finish.
  • Finally serve your lovelies in warmth.


  • In addition, to the primary ingredients, you can add the above additional ingredients as you prefer and  garnish your tostaguac at the same time while adding an extra flavor profile.
  • If you love for a cheesy splash in your tostaguac bites, you can add the shredded cheese at the very beginning and give some heat upon a microwave, saucepan on a stove, air fryer or using a microwave oven. After that, you can do add the ingredients in the aforementioned order or any other order as you prefer.
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Additional tips

If you are looking for an authentic style, fry or bake corn tortillas for a crispy texture instead of using direct tostada shells. However, this will take much time. If you are bothering on your meals due to vegetarianism, essentially look for the label before buying refried bean cans.

Many types may contain lard of animal origin. Instead, you can try cans with vegetable oil incorporated. The most popular cheese type for tostaguac is Mozzarella. Instead, you can use queso fresco also. If you feel like the Tostaguac topping ingredients are much watery, make sure to drain as much as possible to prevent a soggy tostada.

If you are bothered about your health status and looking exactly for how much tostaguac calories, carbs, saturated fats and salts are there, you will find this as helpful. For the above recipe comprising of 8 tostada shells, the nutritional profile per serving is as follows (5).

Nutritional profile of Tostaguac

Total fats16g
 Saturated fats3g
Trans fats0g
Unsaturated fats12g

Accordingly, as you find 271 calories after eating a tostaguac, some of you might be really interested to know how to burn the gotten calories. Here are some activities you can engage in to burn about 200 calories. If you love cycling, you can engage in it for about 30 minutes. If you are running as an exercise daily, a 20 minutes run will help in this. Never forget to keep your homes sweet and clean. If you engage in cleaning for about 1.2 hours, this will be really helpful for you to burn 200 calories.

Furthermore, you can try different variations of the above recipe. Let’s have a look into it.

Variations of Tostaguac recipe

If you are a meaty lover the best you can add is a taco. Instead, you can try diced chicken, pork, mutton, turkey as well. If you are looking for a solid vegan tostaguac, and also dairy free, the first thing you have to do is omit cheese from the above recipe. Moreover, if you are not good with tomatoes due to the watery feel or may be due to the flavor, you can skip tomatoes as well. There are no strict ingredients.

In addition, you can add cucumber directly on tostadas or into the guacamole. This will give you a refreshing scratch. You’ll prepare your tostaguac more photogenic and elegant with a rich flavor profile if you squeeze some Mexican crema on it. In addition, bell pepper, shredded cabbage, onion rings will do some extra flavor profiles (5).

Avocado is a lovely fruit that most of you are connoisseurs, and being the main role in guacamole and as well as in tostaguac, let’s see what are the benefits you are exposed to after having some avocados.

Health benefits of avocado incorporated tostaguac (8)

  • Good for your gut health.
  • Healthy fats you find in avocados will reduce the risk factors associated with heart by lowering unhealthy LDL cholesterols and raising healthy HDL cholesterols in your body.
  • Avocado is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.
  • May help you in promoting a healthy body weight.
  • Avocado incorporated tostaguac is the smartest choice you can ever have especially during your pregnancy and breastfeeding indeed.
  • An excellent source heft with nutrients. You could find a pool of micro nutrients in your guacamole bites such as Fibers, Vitamin C, E, K, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Pyridoxine, Folate, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper and Manganese.

Let’s have a look into what people frequently ask about Tostaguac.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tostaguac vs Tostada

Tostada is also a Mexican dish that has a base of a corn tortilla deep fried or toasted and topped with several ingredients. Rather it is generally used for a flat or bowl shaped tortilla fried or toasted. However, as just the name implies Tostaguac is a tostada with guacamole topped. Hope you got the difference clearly. Right..!!

What is a Mexican Tostaguac?

Tostaguac is simply a dish of Mexican origin.

How do you eat Tostaguac? (6)(7)

If you are probably not following the techniques, it would be a mess where you find the toppings spilled everywhere at your place. If you are confused what is the best method to eat, see the following tips for eating a tostada, which is just the same dish as a tostaguac.

  1. Hold the tostada piled up with ingredients, gently from your both hands and lift carefully. Avoid as much as possible not to press the tostada by thumbs, as it will give you a pre-cracked one with toppings fallen down.
  2. If the ingredients are heavily piled up, open your mouth a bit wide and scrape off some of the toppings on top. Accordingly, you will reduce the piles and consequently, will make it easier for you to have small bites including both toppings and the tostada as well. You may have fallen toppings on your plate while doing this step. However, it is unavoidable.
  3. Have your first small bite of the tostada at the center. This will help you avoid the entire thing from collapsing.
  4. After that, have small bites from each side of the tostada as well.
  5. Repeat eating this way until you completely finish it.
  6. Finally, eat the toppings that have fallen on your plate using a fork.

Look for more into the steps on how to eat Tostaguac which is just the same; a Tostada dish.

What is bean chalupa and how does it differ from Tostaguac?

Bean chalupa is another type of tostada where you find several prep up ingredients topped including pinto beans on a crispy corn tortilla. Though you find beans there also don’t misperceive it as a Tostaguac. There’s no guacamole found in bean chalupa. That makes the difference.

Final words on tostaguac

Tostaguac is a Mexican dish comprising of a tostada; a corn based tortilla fried or toasted and topped up with Guacamole, beef, refried beans, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese. Guacamole is a creamy or chunky topping where you find Avocado as the main role. You can be either homemade or store brought. Furthermore, you can have variations for Tostaguac in addition to what you find normally in a simple authentic recipe.

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