The environment around you is a highly polluted contains many pollutants that are harmful to your body. How they enter your body? When You intake many toxins along with your daily diet, through foods, and drinks. And of course, from various cosmetics like beauty products too. They can cause problematic issues in your body. You may suffer from fatigue, headache, insomnia, etc with other related disorders. Now the living standards are high of course. People look for more advanced items to enhance their health. That is why now people use essential oils for detoxing their bodies, for better health improvement.

What do you mean by detox theory??

Typically when a substance can cause an adverse reaction in your body, Then we call it a toxin. It may cause death or other serious issues. And may depend on the dose or not. Some substances can be toxic if you consume them in the long term or else can be toxic with a single small dose. This has a clear relationship with the sensitivity of your body. Furthermore, you can easily get toxicity due to different interactions in your body’

Simply if we ask what is detoxification? well is a miraculous body metabolic function that converts toxic substances into excretable matter. Or else to less toxic substances. For detoxification, of course, you need the help of a properly functioning body organ, the liver. In addition Kidney, digestive system, and skin too have special functions in detoxification.[1]

What is an essential oil ??

Simply essential oils are the natural compounds that you can extract from plants. They have a concentrated chemical compound profile in the oil form which gives different odor and flavor.

Why you should use essential oils for detoxing?

Essential oils are full of pharmaceutical properties. Therefore they possess many properties including anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and immune-boosting properties. Besides, they are safer to use because of the following reasons.

  • There are very fewer chances of adverse effects with pure essential oils
  • And the essential oils do not contain proteins. Therefore possible allergic reactions are low
  • More importantly, they are natural and eco friendly

If you use with correct precautions, you can apply essential oils as an excellent supplementary measure for the natural detoxing mechanisms. We call this aromatherapy.[2][3]

What are the essential oils for detoxing your body??

Grapefruit oil

When it comes to essential oils for detoxing your body, grapefruit oil has special effects. This extract is extremely rich in antioxidants and other phytochemicals. Clearly, It can reduce inflammatory reactions and oxidation which cause many diseases in your body. But how exactly it is done?. The main compound responsible is limonene which consists of nearly 90% of the oil. This limonene together with other antioxidant compounds gives you great pleasure with its soothing abilities on cancer, tumors.DNA damage etc. Let’s see the effect of this essential oil for detoxing your body.

  • Super antibacterial effects

Harmful bacterial strains can enter your body, Through food and drinks. Especially bacteria and fungi will bring you food-related illnesses. The powerful antimicrobial effects of grapefruit allow it to fight and eliminate them from your body.

  • Improve your detoxifying organs

When it comes to the liver and gall bladder, they are important detoxing organs in our body. Refreshing grapefruit oil can stimulate your liver and gallbladder, thereby improving your excretory function.

  • Improve the digestive performance

This essential oil can facilitate your digestive process. But how? Cleary an increase in the blood flow to the liver, stomach, bladder, etc which means an important detox effect. Therefore, this fruit extract is capable of enhancing your natural detoxifying pathways.[4]

How to use ?

  • For skin application, mix it with a carrier oil like coconut oil and apply it in the area of need. To improve digestion, apply in the abdomen area
  • If you want it internally use the highest quality pure oil brands. Drink it with water or take it as a supplement with honey.

Lemon oil

When considering essential oils for detoxing your body lemon oil this oil has a significant effect. If you want to add some refresh to your diet you always go for lemon. Similarly for refreshing your body, citrus oil is an excellent solution. Especially this oil has a magnificent antioxidant profile to help your body. As it can scavenge free radicals, possess excellent detoxification effects.

More importantly, citrus oil will enhance your blood circulation, digestive process while improving the skin health and lymphatic system as well. Good blood circulation will ensure good detoxification. And also this essential oil will cheer you up and fix your mood.[5]

How to use?

If you are going to apply this on your skin, dilute it. However, you should dilute it properly and mix it with a carrier oil before applying.

Lavender oil

With a Refreshing and calming fragrance, lavender oil has many benefits in detoxification. You can use it to relieve headaches, migraines, and depressing conditions. And also inhaling would help you to relax your mind too. linalool is the chemical response and it can transfer through the blood to the brain. In the brain it can bind with brain receptors, stimulating your relaxing effects.

Furthermore, this essential oil can aid your digestion in terms of supporting the detox process. In terms of toxication with insecticides, it can Facilitate the detoxing of enzymes related to insecticide resistance. thereby can reduce your risk relating to insecticides. [6]It is fascinating, isn’t it?

How to use it?

  • In case of skin acne, apply the lemon oil together with coconut oil ( or any other carrier oil)
  • Put a few drops of lavender oil on the wrist or on the feet to support your nervous system.

Lemongrass oil

Lemongrass oil, a beauty essential oil, has refreshingness but also astringency within it. It Will supports your body to detox in a number of ways. Possesses antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties to aid your body.

Due to its diuretic properties,(Increase urine production) This essential oil can cleanse and flush the unwanted wastes from your body. This detox effect helps you to regulate your body organs, especially the liver and kidney while reducing uric acid levels. Due to this effect, it will help to increase the frequency and quantity of urine production too. That means the more and more harmful matter is excreted from your body. So that your body will detoxify effectively and your digestive health will be superb!

In aromatherapy, you can use it as a remedy to overcome fatigue, undesirable body odor, and anxiety. And of course, it will promote your skin health too.[7]

How to use it?

  • For skin application, always remember to dilute with a carrier oil in a 1:1 ratio. Then apply on the skin.
  • If you want to consume it, make sure to use a very pure oil brand with high quality. Otherwise, there can be harmful reactions.

Oregano oil

Clearly, This is a strong herb, When you extract the oil, has excellent healing properties. you could get much more antioxidants than you expect through this essential oil. Researchers say that it has nearly eight times more antioxidants than apples, so as many other fruits. Therefore it prevents free radical damage.

In addition, this fruit can prevent microbial infections, inflammation, and boost your immunity. You can use it to treat illnesses related to digestion and respiration, thereby enhancing their natural detox mechanisms.[8]

How o use?

  • Use with coconut oil as a sanitizer.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is excellent for your detox, gives a cool minty aroma, refreshing the mind. It can relieve your pain and soothe bowel syndrome by relaxing colon muscles. Bedsides its aid in your digestion is a different scenario. How is that?

  • Promotes the digestive juice secretion to enhance digestion
  • Control the building up of gases
  • Avoid spasms in your colon

In addition, it will reduce nausea conditions too. By aiding digestion of course you know the detoxing effect will be further enhanced. This is how essential oils help your detoxification process.

How to use?

  • You cannot directly use this on your mucous membranes. But you can use it with your tooth paste to get a cool refreshing effect on your mouth.

Orange oil

Orange oil you can extract from the orange peel has detox effects on your body. Some say this refreshing oil can uplift your mood and reduce your anxiety as well. It can make you feel energized and happier. On the other hand, it is a booster of digestion.

  • Orange oil will promote the digestion process by relieving you from cramps and avoiding constipation
  • In the digestive tract will If you ingest this oil, it can act as a detoxification agent. Because it acts as a diuretic by increasing urine production. So that together with urine toxic substances in your body will be excreted.

Furthermore, In terms of your skin, you can use this oil to prevent acne due to inflammation. High vitamin C content creates a healthy glow by making the skin free of wrinkles and spots. And also you can use orange oil to get rid of toxins and pollutants in the environment.[9]

How to use it?

  • For massaging, add 30 drops of orange oil with two tablespoons of grape seed or almond oil [15]

Ginger oil

Ginger oil is yellow in color, pungent but pleasant oil. Clearly full of many benefits in our body including pain relief, promotion of blood circulation, facilitating digestion, etc. In the case of food poisoning, and disorders in the intestine, the antiseptic property (Controlling disease-causing microbes) of oil act as a treatment to relieve the bad effects. As Digestion and circulation are related mechanisms with detoxing, ginger oil has a considerable effect on detoxing your body.

On the other hand, natural Respiration too is a responsible metabolism for detoxing. Any ailment in the respiratory system that slows down the rate has an effect on detoxing. Ginger oil can control breathlessness, cough, and bronchitis in the respiratory tract. So that your respiration will be enhanced and so as the detoxing effect.

How you extract ginger oil at home?

There re few simple steps for that,

  • Take unpeeled fresh ginger and wash them thoroughly
  • let them dry for few hours
  • Chop and shred it
  • Add a 1/2 cup of olive oil into a bowl. Put shredded ginger
  • Mix the mixture and leave to simmer in the oven for two hours at 150 F0
  • Filter the mixture with an unbleached cloth
  • Squeeze the remaining oil
  • Store in a clean, dry glass is better. You can keep it for nearly 6 months. [10]

How to use it?

  • To ease your stomach ,add few drops to a massaging oil and apply on stomach area.

Fennel seed oil

Fennel, a lovely herb which you can drink as a tea, but also can relieve many issues related to digestion. No doubt, It can easily prevent constipation and nausea conditions. The essential oil of this fennel can make you comfortable during stomach disorders, by aiding digestion. That means it can aid the detoxification process to eliminate toxins by better digestion.

In addition, Due to the high antioxidant profile, it can easily prevent free radicals from damaging your body. That makes it an excellent choice for detoxing the body. On the other hand, it can cleanse and purify your blood. So that your body will effectively absorb nutrition.

Furthermore, it can enhance your respiratory function by preventing coughing and bronchitis. With better breathing, there will be better natural detoxification. Not only that, you can use it as a relief for skin acne too.[11]

Bergamot oil

This essential oil has excellent effects in relieving your stress including infection and inflammation. And also it prevents your anxiety. In aromatherapy, people use it to regulate blood pressure and the heart rate together with anxiety. Inhaling the vapors of this oil would be better. Besides the higher vitamin C content also have better effects in enhancing your immunity.[12]

In terms of skin, this oil can surrender the growth of certain microbial species like E. coli, listeria monocytogenes, and Bacillus cereus, etc. Clearly, linalool is the responsible compound for that. The same linalool you can use as a pain reliever because it blocks pain receptors and relieve your pain.

Furthermore, this oil can enhance the secretion of digestive juices aiding your digestion. So that you can help the detoxing process when the digestion happens properly. Not only that, you can use it as a remedy for common cold and cough too.[14]

how to use it ?

  • For mood fixing, take 2 drops onto your palm and rub them around the nose. breath well to get the scent of oil inside you
  • For pain relief, take 5 drops and apply them to the problem area.
  • Take 5 drops of bergamot oil and apply to the stomach to ease digestion.

These are the main benefits that you can find in essential oils for detoxing. If you find this article useful, feel free to leave any comments regarding your questions.


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