China is the largest producer of pine nuts. North Korea, Afghanistan, and Russia are the next largest manufacturers. Pine nuts are one popular nut used in various dishes. Since pine nuts are versatile, before purchasing them, it is valuable to know where are pine nuts in the grocery store.

It can be challenging to find Pine Nuts since every grocery shop has a different layout.   Especially if the store is unfamiliar to you or you are unsure of the category in which the item you want belongs. Since pine nuts have some versatility, you can’t find them in just one aisle. It is ineffective if you spend a lot of time looking in other aisles except the aisles mentioned below.

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Where Are Pine Nuts In Grocery Store?

So, where are pine nuts in the grocery store? It can be challenging to find pine nuts since every grocery shop has a unique layout. Pine nuts are typically found in the grocery store’s baking section. You might want to start by looking in the baking section to get pine nuts. Because they are frequently used in dessert recipes, peanuts are usually sold in jars or bags in the baking section of grocery shops. They are frequently placed in this section of grocery shops next to walnuts, almonds, and other nuts.

Also, you can find pine nuts with trail mix and dried fruit, and pine nuts can be seen on the shelves in the snack section.

Another location to look is the produce section. Also, pine nuts can be available on a shelf alongside bulk goods or on display. Look also in any bulk containers that the store may have.

The spice section might be your final visit. If the grocery store has pine nuts to sell, you can find them in one of the above sections. However, it is not much difficult to find this food in grocery shops since they are fairly available food.

Popular Online Stores That You Can Purchase Pine Nuts

Below are the top six online stores where you can get pine nuts if you don’t feel like going to the shop.


Pine nuts are promptly and easily available on Amazon. Look throughout the website for reduced costs; there are sometimes discounts on bulk purchases. You can place an order using AmazonFresh, their grocery delivery service. If you’re on a busy schedule, these items can occasionally be delivered within a few hours. Ordering pine nuts using Amazon’s standard delivery service is another alternative. Pine nuts may be ordered for two-day delivery and delivered to your home within 24 hours if you have an Amazon Prime membership.


Pine nut brands like Nature’s Harvest and Badia are widely available In Walmart’s baking and snack sections. You can see the exact product availability in any shop with the online store locator. When ordering products from Walmart online, you have two choices. Order the pine nuts for delivery if you want to relax at home; they’ll arrive within a week. Due to its extensive location range, Walmart is one of the most convenient places to get groceries online. You may get pine nuts for curbside pickup if you need them right now. Pull up to the business and dial a number; that’s all required. A lovely Walmart agent will then bring your purchases to you.


eBay may be the simplest way to find a certain kind of pine nuts that you’re looking for. Some types of pine nuts, like Persian pine nuts, have a somewhat distinct flavour that you might like. These specialty items won’t be available at all supermarkets. You may also find the most recent, home-harvested pine nuts on websites like eBay. eBay is the greatest place to go if you want 100% natural pine nuts that come directly from someone’s garden.

The market for whole foods

Pine nuts are available in bulk at Whole Foods, but you can also get them packed in the baking and snack sections.


it would be best if you looked in the vegetable, snack, and baking aisles next to the dried fruit and nut sections to find pine nuts in this store.


Pine nuts are available in Kroger supermarkets in both the bulk aisle and the aisle with nuts, seeds, and dried fruits.

What Are The Alternatives For Pine Nuts?

These are some possible substitutions if, despite your best efforts, you are unable to locate pine nuts at the store and need to use them right away. Excellent substitutes for pine nuts include walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, and macadamia nuts.


Cashews are the perfect substitute for pine nuts because they have a similar flavour. It would be best if you roughly cut the cashews and lightly roast them to provide the greatest alternative for pine nuts. When lightly roasted, the flavour of the cashews, which is somewhat sweet and similar to pine nuts, is increased. Use cashews in your pesto or cookies if you want a taste that may compensate for the absence of pine nuts and provide the ideal nutty flavour.


The biggest distinction between almonds and pine nuts is texture since almonds are denser. Almonds may be a fantastic replacement if you are baking anything or mixing something. It would be best not to toast them; you should cut them into little slices.


Both pine nuts and pistachios are popular ingredients in Italian cooking and may complement a variety of dishes.

Are Pine Nuts In Short Supply In 2022?

According to recent research by the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council, there may be a pine nut scarcity by 2022. This scarcity results from a seven-fold spike in shipping prices this year. The quantity of pine nuts imported into China has significantly decreased due to other reasons, including a decreased availability of labour and manufacturing in other nations. As a result, the cost of processed imports has increased. Although there can be a difference in the availability, you can find them easily if you are aware of “where are pine nuts in the grocery store?”.

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