The way we mince vegetables may be varied from one to one. So, you may need help when you want to add jalapeno to your dish since it is mostly consumed as pieces. Today, we are going to discuss how to mince jalapeno for a flavourful, well-spiced dish. There are three easy ways to cut this pepper, so stick with the article to get a better idea regarding this kitchen task.

What are They?

Jalapeno is one of the most popular chili varieties in the world. It was first introduced by Mexico and other Central American countries. However, it is grown worldwide at present. They are widely grown in March and April, but you can buy them all year round at any grocery store.

 It is a variety of chili pepper, and its scientific name is ‘Capsicum annum’. So, some people call this pepper ‘capsicum’ as well. There are many types of jalapeno pepper in the world. Among them, green or TAM chile peppers and red or Huachinango chile peppers are the most popular ones.

It is a medium-sized pepper that is usually 5 to 10 cm long. Mainly there is a round, firm flesh that can be eaten and seeds in the center of the pepper. This pod does not come with a peel. Therefore, it is easy to prepare dishes. It is picked and consumed while the pepper is green. The fully ripened jalapenos can be seen in red, orange, or yellow. Jalapeno is a very mild pepper when compared with other peppers like cayenne pepper. And its taste resembles to serrano pepper with less heat.

Jalapenos are used to prepare different kinds of dishes worldwide because it adds a punch of heat to anything. If you cook fine jalapeno pieces, they melt away. Thus, jalapenos are widely used as pieces for dishes.

How to Mince Jalapeno?

Now let’s discuss how to mince jalapeno properly to flavor your dish step by step. It is not a challenging task, but there are some tiny things you should care about when you add this pepper to your dish.

You all need a sharp chef’s knife and a cutting board in order to do this task. Make sure to choose a sharp knife because a dull or small knife may be dangerous. And the large-sized cutting board is better.

Mined jalapenos are great with meatballs, jalapeno ranch dressing, etc. Here are our simple steps for mincing jalapenos.

To Mince Jalapenos 

  • First, you should wash your jalapenos thoroughly to remove any dirt, as with any other vegetables, and dry them with a tissue or kitchen towel before you cut them.
  • Second, cut the tip and cap off your jalapeno pod using a sharp knife. After that, you will cut it in half lengthwise.
  • Next, you have to remove all the seeds from your jalapeno because the spiciness of the pod comes from these seeds. So, pull the small rib and seeds located beneath the cap. You can use a spoon to do this task easily. If you want to make the dish spicy, you can keep some seeds without throwing them to add the dish later.
  • Then, you can turn the flesh into matchsticks. That means you will cut the jalapeno half lengthwise into thin strips.
  • Collect all the matchstick-sized jalapenos and hold the strips together. Hold the bundle with your thumb, and your pinky finger should rest on the cutting board. The other three fingers should be placed on the bundle.
  • Then you can cut the strips into small pieces from one end to the other. Pull your fingers back when you cut the pods with the knife. But hold the remaining length of peppers to prevent moving them until you finish the cutting.
  • If you want the jalapenos even finer, you can chop them. Make a small pile of mined jalapenos and run the knife back and forth through them.

To Dice Jalapenos 

if you want to add larger jalapeno pieces than mined ones, you will dice them. It is slightly different from mincing jalapenos. And the diced jalapenos are best to use with seafood like grilled shrimp or a seven-layer taco dip.

So first, you should wash the pods and dry them. Secondly, remove the stem and cut it in half longways. After that, you will scrape out the membrane and seeds. Next, cut them into thin strips. Now you can dice the jalapeno strips crosswise.

If you are going to dice them, you may need one pass-through. In contrast, mincing needs some to continue chopping until they become fine pieces.

To Slice Jalapenos 

Now, let’s look at how to slice jalapenos. Sliced jalapenos are also good for various dishes, especially as a fresh topping on pizza, fajita tacos, air fryer nachos, etc., Add a difference to your dish rather than mined or diced jalapenos which you often see in the dishes. And slicing takes less time than mincing, so you can do this cutting method when you are in a rush.

Follow the first and second steps that we have already mentioned above as usual. Wash and dry the pods and cut the stem. Next, you are going to slice the jalapeno pod creating thin rings.

This method significantly differs from the above methods. Because we do not remove and discard the seeds or ribs. So please note that sliced jalapenos will be spicier than mined ones. It is better to serve sliced jalapenos for those who love spicy food!

Tips for a Better Serving 

Always choose good-quality jalapenos for preparing meals. The green-colored ones go well with the dishes. So, make sure not to make dishes with ripen ones.

And remember to taste some jalapeno pieces before adding them to your dish because it is better to check the spicy level before serving. Some are spicy, while others are not. Therefore, taste it and serve it.

We hope the article provided a thorough idea regarding how to mince jalapenos. It is a versatile, flavorful pepper, so you can try it in different ways. Besides, now you know the precious cutting methods of jalapenos, so try them today to add a variety for your dish.

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