The soft, tasty meat of chicken of the woods, officially called Laetiporus, is really what makes it a popular variety of edible fungus. If you’re fortunate enough to stumble upon a chicken of the woods area inside the wild, then you might be asking how to preserve it. How to store chicken of the woods?

Both qualities, as well as the taste of these mushrooms, must be preserved, and their expiry date can be increased with appropriate storage. In order to keep chicken of the woods as crisp and delectable as feasible, we’ll offer advice on how to store it in the following blog article.

What does “Chicken of the Woods” Mean?

The soft, tasty meat of chicken of the woods, sometimes named Laetiporus, is what makes it a popular variety of edible fungus. It is frequently observed there in summer and autumn, blooming on branches and stumps of woody plants. The vivid orange or yellow hue and unusual fan- or bracket-shaped form of chicken of the woods are well known.

A well-liked edible fungus found all throughout the globe, chicken of the woods is loved by too many. Its flavor is moderate and somewhat sugary, and its texture is meaty and chicken-like. It is frequently used during soups, curries, as well as other recipes and may be either cooked or eaten raw.

Even though it is usually safe to consume chicken of such woods, it’s indeed crucial to use caution when searching for wild mushrooms since certain deadly species might mimic edible ones. Always get advice from a professional or a guidebook before ingesting any natural mushrooms.

How do you Prepare Chicken of the Woods?

Chicken of the woods can be prepared in a variety of ways based on your particular preferences as well as the recipes you use. Below are some suggestions for using chicken of the woods within various recipes.

Chicken of the Woods Sautéed

Sliced thinly or sliced into smaller pieces, chicken of the woods is among the most common methods to prepare it. It is then sautéed in butter or olive oil until it has become soft and gently browned. Sautéed chicken of the woods could be eaten as a dipping sauce or as a pizza or burger topper.

Grilled Chicken of the Woods

The juicy nature of chicken of the woods makes it a good candidate for grilling because it can withstand high temperatures. The mushrooms should only be sliced into thick slices, brushed with olive oil, then grilled until soft and faintly browned. You may top hamburgers or sliders with grilled chicken of a forest or offer it alone as the main ingredient.

Baked Chicken of the Woods

A number of dishes can include chicken of the woods, which is also great when baking. These mushrooms may be cut into little bits or thinly sliced and baked in a dish or another dish, or you could transform them into the garnish for a pie or quiche that is savory.

Fried Chicken of the Woods

A chicken of the woods will be to your taste if you enjoy fried fungus. The fungus should only be cut into tiny pieces and thinly sliced, and covered in a thin layer of batter as well as breadcrumbs. The fungus may be prepared as a delightful starter or side dish by deep-frying them in heated oil till they are crunchy and bright brown.

Chicken of the woods is a beautiful and adaptable item guaranteed to please your guests and relatives when you use it in a broth, stew, or other meal. So, how to store chicken of the woods?

How to Store Chicken of the Woods?

Below are some suggestions on “how to store chicken of the woods” to make sure it stays tasty and healthy.

Mushrooms Should be Well-cleaned.

The chicken of the woods should be well-cleaned before being stored. Avoiding cleaning the mushrooms because this could hasten their deterioration. Instead, gently wipe off any contaminants or debris with a delicate mushroom brush.

Reduce the Stems

Since the stems are usually harder and less delicious, trim the fungus’ stems off, kind of near the crown as you can.

Mushroom Slices

It will be simpler to preserve and prepare the mushrooms afterward if you slice them into fragile pieces.

Mussels Should be Dried

The chopped mushrooms should be spread out onto a piece of paper napkin or a fresh kitchen roll and allowed to air cure over a few hours or even overnight. By doing so, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of moisture that may otherwise ruin the mushrooms too rapidly.

Use a Tight Jar to Keep the Fungus

After the fungus has dried, place them inside a sealed container such as a crystal jar or trash bag. The fungus should not dry out, so remove the same or more air as you can from the jar.

Place the Mushrooms Inside the Fridge

These mushrooms should be kept in the fridge, wherein they will remain for numerous days. For extended preservation, you may also refrigerate the fungus. The fungus should be laid out in a thin layer on such a piece of parchment linen and frozen until firm. When the mushrooms are frozen, please put them in a frozen bag or another container that is sealed and keep them there for long too many months.

By using these recommendations, you may preserve the chicken of the woods fungus and eat them afterward. Just remember to utilize the fungus quickly after taking them out of the jar since they will start to deteriorate after a few days.

How are Fungi known as Chicken of the Woods Frozen?

These are the procedures for freezing chicken of the woods fungus.

  • Eradicate any dirt and debris by scrubbing the fungus. Additionally, you may give them gentle water washing and drying them first with a clean towel.
  • To suit the tastes, slice or chop the fungus into little pieces.
  • The chunks should be spread across a sheet pan or pan and kept in the freezer for at minimum one hour.
  • Put the freezing fungus back in the freezer after transferring them to a jar or container that can be sealed with plastic.
  • The freezing mushrooms should be taken out of the refrigerator and thawed in the fridge before being cooked once you’re prepared to use these.

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