BBQ is one of the all-time favourite dishes around the world because the roast crust and juicy flesh just make anyone even more hungry. There are different varieties of BBQ at present, and one that is derived from Korea is known as KBBQ, which is heavenly in taste. However, no matter how much the food tasty is, we have to take care of our good health. The way it makes and the ingredients in the dish determine how good it for our health is. So, is KBBQ healthy? Let’s find out whether it is healthy to eat or not.

What is KBBQ?

Korean barbecue is known as KBBQ in its shortened form. In Korean, it is called gogi-gui, which means ‘meat roast’, and its history goes back to 37 BC. In simple words, the traditional Korean way of grilling meat has been popular as KBBQ. Anyways. It is not limited to Korea at present because this dish is enjoyed worldwide.

Basically, it is used in traditional Korean cuisine by grilling different meat such as chicken, beef, and pork. Usually, gas or charcoal grills are utilized to prepare KBBQ. If you have visited Korean restaurants, you may have experienced that you are provided with a portable stove with this BBQ if built-in grills are absent.

There are three main varieties of KBBQ according to the meat you use for the BBQ, beef, pork or chicken. And BBQ can be made using marinated meat as well as unmarinated ones. The dish is served with various side dishes such as rice, kimchi, Korean rice wine, seaweed salad, etc.

What is KBBQ Made Of? 

Basically, Korean BBQ is made of beef, pork or chicken. You use various parts of beef and pork to prepare KBBQ, such as a rack of ribs, beef brisket, etc. And according to those portions, there are different versions of KBBQ with unique names of their own. And also, marinated as well as unmarinated meat, are used to making Korean BBQ. Most of the time, tough cuts are marinated to make the flesh tender and juicy unless it is not necessary to marinate the meat. The most popular varieties are bulgogi and galbi, which are made of marinated beef ribs, ribeye, sliced sirloin and brisket.

You can customize the marinating using different flavorful things, such as sesame oil, soy sauce, etc. And also, numerous spices can be used as you wish, but the most common ones are ginger, garlic, onions and pepper.

Calories of Korean BBQ 

To maintain good health, we have to burn calories as much as possible from the food we consume. or else, we have to work out often. In Korean BBQ, the calorie level is 1406 per serving. As a percentage based on an RDI, the whole calory level is 70%. If we break down the calories, the highest percentage is beard by fat, 66%. And the carbohydrate takes 20% per serving while the protein percentage is 14%.

Sometimes this amount may vary slightly according to the type of grilled meat and other ingredients in the dish. However, overall calories take the highest percentages in Korean BBQ.

How Much Protein is in a KBBQ? 

Protein is needed to strengthen the human body, so we should consume meals with protein daily. One of the main sources of protein is meat. So when it comes to KBBQ, normally, one serving contains 25g of protein. Again, the amount may slightly differ according to the grilled meat in the dish.

If the grilled meat is chicken, the protein level becomes lower at around 22g. Thus, KBBQ is nutritious enough for anyone who wants to consume more protein. Apart from calories and protein, KBBQ contains some supplemental nutrition such as calcium, iron, sodium, vitamin a, etc.

Is KBBQ Healthy?

Now let’s see if this mouth-watering dish back up to maintain your good health. The main ingredient of KBBQ is meat, and as we discussed above, the dish contains a considerable calorie amount from the whole. Therefore, if you suffer from obesity, this dish is not a good option for you. However, there is some cut of meats that contain low calories, such as brisket.

And when meat is grilled, various oils are used. Some additional oils, such as sesame oil, are also added to enhance the flavour of some KBBQ varieties. As a result, the fat of the dish increases. A high amount of saturated fat can cause some health problems, such as cardiovascular disease.

Similarly, sodium in Korean BBQ might not be good for you. The reason why, sodium causes some serious health issues such as high blood pressure.

It is not a secret that this food in restaurants has been cooked with different kinds of preservatives as well. Further, MSG and NaCl in the BBQ badly affect your health.

As a positive point, we can identify the considerable protein amount in KBBQ. But if you consume KBBQ often, it will be harmful to your health due to the above-discussed issues. However, you can still enjoy it in a health-friendly manner. Try to minimize eating cuts of meat that contain a high amount of fat. And you can eat a side dish that does not contain many calories and carbs. For instance, do not eat rice which contains a high amount of carbs. Instead, you can go for vegetables as a side dish. And it would be best if you could make your own KBBQ at home without going to a restaurant because the dishes at restaurants are prepared with a lot of oil and preservatives.

Is Korean BBQ Good for Weight Loss? 

Yes, there is a chance to maintain your weight while enjoying Korean BBQ. In order to do that, you have to go for the lower fat portions of meat such as brisket, beef tongue and sirloin which are also known as cut of meat. On the other hand, you have to avoid the higher fat portions of meat in your KBBQ dishes, such as pork and beef belly and ribeye. Those cuts of meat contain high amounts of calories, so they cause you to gain weight rather than lose. And when you choose a side dish, you go for a neutral or low-calorie dish such as spinach, bean sprouts, etc.

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