A quick sandwich with a Nutella spread and sliced banana is an appealing snack everyone loves. It is a mixture of hazelnut and cocoa with a few other ingredients. What does hazelnut taste like? You will often wonder about this matter when you need to find the actual taste without any added elements. 

Hazelnut is the fruit of the Hazel tree and is also known as filbert or cobnuts. The history of hazelnuts runs back to 10000 BC, and at present, Turkey is the highest contributor in supplying hazelnut. It is a famous ingredient in tasting chocolates, ice creams, sandwich spreads, bakery items, cookies, and even raw bites and roasted. There are liquors made from hazelnut too. These nuts are rich in unsaturated fats and antioxidants. They are also a super hit in dietary plans for weight loss as it contains a lot of protein and fiber. This nutritional combination makes a snack that will make you not hungry until the next main meal. It is also a food that promotes heart health. 

What Does Hazelnut Taste Like?

Sometimes we even do not know that we consume hazelnut as it is mixed with chocolate or cookies, making a unique flavor. When the hazelnuts are mixed with any other food, we often do not taste the original taste of the nuts. If you want to find the natural taste, buy a packet of raw hazelnuts in the market. You will need a nutcracker too. The hazelnut shell should be removed with the help of the nutcracker. The kernel inside is the part we consume. 

What does hazelnut taste like? If you are curious before spending on a packet, you may wander around the stall with this question. Well, you will realize that after purchasing a packet of hazelnuts, the money spent will never be a waste. It will have a nutty flavor bounded with some kind of sweet, creamy feel. The experience would be totally different if you did not peel off the skin before eating. Eating with the skin will give you a bitter taste. Therefore, make sure you remove all the skin when eating or use it as a mixing agent for other food. 

How to Husk a Hazelnut?

You need to place nuts one by one on the nutcracker and press a bit to open up a nut. Instead of the nutcracker, you also can use a hammer. Before hammering, place all the nuts inside a plastic bag. Then gently hammer. Remove the broken shells. There may be rotten nuts. Look for such unconsumable units and remove those. 

You can put all the nuts on a towel when peeling the skin off and rub slowly. The hot water method will increase the efficiency of the peel-off. For that, you need to add the nuts to a container of boiling water. Keep it for about 4 minutes and remove the water. Now keep the hazelnuts cool. Then rub using a towel. The peels will remove easily. 

What Flavors Go Well with Hazelnut?

The nutty, sweet flavor of hazelnuts makes those move well with so many fruits, including apples, bananas, pears, and any kind of berries. Hazelnut can be put in your bowl of oatmeal, baking stuff, yogurt, caramel puddings, handmade chocolates, etc. 

Is Hazelnut Healthy to Eat?

A hazelnut is a magical gift of nature as it is a source of several crucial nutrients for the growth and protection of the human body. Please have a look through some benefits we mentioned below. You will be amazed at what this tiny nut is doing!

Hazelnut is full of heart-friendly omega-3 fatty acids. The presence of antioxidants makes it a controller for hypertension (high blood pressure). Manganese superoxide dismutase, vitamin E, and proanthocyanidins will give massive protection against cancer. Furthermore, Vitamin B6 in hazelnuts will be an advantage in promoting immunity. It also contains essential minerals like magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, and potassium. Therefore, hazelnut consumption will keep your teeth and bones healthy. 

Do Hazelnuts Have a Laxative Effect?

Did you know that 28 grams of hazelnuts (around 21 hazelnuts) provide you with 2.7 grams of dietary fiber (roughage/bulk)? Dietary fiber directly involves bowl health and relieving constipation. Therefore, it can be named a nut with a laxative effect.

Do Hazelnuts Have Side Effects?

There are records of hazelnut allergy in some people. For them consuming any hazelnut-contaminated food will cause severe breathing issues. Please call for emergencies if you have symptoms after consuming a hazelnut product. 

Breathing difficulties and shortness of breath is the main sign of an allergic response. It can be confirmed as an allergic reaction if you develop itchy skin or itching in the mouth, throat, and eyes, together with nausea or vomiting, stomach pain, and coughing. Symptoms will arise just after the consumption for some, while some face the situation after about 2 hours. Some patients have met with allergic responses even after several hours. 

If you eat too many hazelnuts at once, you will sometimes have bloating and gas. It is only recommended to 1-2 ounces per day. One ounce will contain about 20 nuts. Always try to measure the nut amount before eating. 

What Does Hazelnut Smell Like?

Hazelnuts originally will smell roasted. The bean pyrazine in the nuts makes its unique smell similar to chocolate and nutty. 

What Does Hazelnut Syrup Taste Like?

A good hazelnut syrup made with real hazelnuts will taste like true hazelnuts. That means it has got a unique nutty, sweet, and creamy texture. The fact of taste is constant to hazelnut butter too. 

When Should You Eat Hazelnuts?

You can eat hazelnuts only when they are completely dry. If you notice the shell is repelling from the inner kernel, those are in the consumption stage. You will find edible hazelnuts in the trees probably between September- October. 


If you are a maiden buyer who hesitates about the taste of hazelnuts, this article will give you a complete explanation of the taste as well as some essential background facts on the nut. 

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