Bacon! One of the highly perishable food items with serious issues is if you are planning to keep leftovers or the excess. Keep in mind. The issues are only a result if you are not doing it in the proper manner. How long is turkey bacon good for? If you are pondering how to manage, this reading will be the most outfit for you.

From a bit scientific point of view, meat is a hefty source of nutrients (i.e.proteins) for most of the microflora. Bacteria is the most prominent example. Accordingly, bacon will be the substrate for their growth and subsequently, it will degrade making it unfit for your consumption.

First and foremost, the environment where you keep them is a critical factor. To decide whether it is going to rot or not you have to be careful about the storage. If the environment is too humid at somewhat a favorable temperature for bacterial growth, they will invade for sure. Accordingly, you’ll find, the importance of proper storage of your favorite turkey bacon to reduce rotting and spoilage. Let’s see how to overcome the frequent problems of the store and how to serve them optimally.

Now, think you are weird with a few heaps of turkey bacon leftovers after your Christmas party at home. And unfortunately, you find that your refrigerator is also fully loaded. Let’s see how to tolerate it. It’s just easy peasy lemon squeezy. There’s no other way instead of keeping the turkey bacon in the refrigerator. Accordingly, the only thing you have to do is unload the unwanted stuff in your refrigerator and do some space management to serve your precious turkey slices of bacon. Let’s see how far you can go on.

How long is turkey bacon good in the refrigerator?

It completely depends on the type of turkey bacon you have. See whether they are raw, fully cooked, partially cooked, etc. Accordingly, raw turkey bacon will last in the fridge (refrigerator) for about two days. At the same time, you can keep smoked bacon for about a week in the refrigerator (1). In most cases, turkey bacon can go bad after the aforementioned time periods. Furthermore, an opened pack will survive for about 5-7 days in the refrigerator (2).

How long is turkey bacon good in the freezer?

Thanking for the freezer, you can serve them surprisingly for a longer period of time. It is about two months (1) whatever the form it is; raw or cooked. However, it is often recommended to check the label on the packaging if available for an expiry date or the ‘use by’ date.

How long is turkey bacon good after the ‘use-by date?

eating turkey bacon

It is recommended not to consume turkey bacon that has passed the ‘use by, ‘best before’ or the ‘expiry’ date. Thereafter, possible microbial invasion can trigger spoilage without symptomizing. Next, it is important to know how to store them properly.

How to store turkey bacon after opening?

Freezing burn is a commonly observed condition during the freezing of certain food items. It is important to avoid this issue as much as possible when freezing. Otherwise, it may cause you to lose the rich juicy flavor and the firm texture you will be happy to feel in your fresh turkey bacon. Accordingly, you can use thicker freezer zip-top bags or vacuum sealer bags to prevent this phenomenon. However, the standard storage bags will not be helpful to you in this case.

First, wrap your bacon using aluminum foil or a cling wrap. Then you can use a gallon-sized freezer bag to freeze the bacon stripes. Here, you can lay the stripes on freezer paper and gently fold them to pack them inside the freezer bag. Whenever you need, just unfold the extent you need and take the stripes out. How do you know when turkey bacon is bad? Let’s see.

How to tell if turkey bacon is bad?

turkey bacon slices.How to tell if turkey bacon is bad depends on several factors.

You can look for certain criteria. It may be the best before date printed on the label, appearance, and the odor of the piece of bacon or the texture. Let’s have a look into them one by one. These all are under common sense.

  1. Appearance – Check what it looks like. A fresh piece of bacon is consistent in pink with some white/yellow fat dense stripes. If the firm and glossy appearance of the pink color vanishes and shows a sandy appearance with no marbling fats it is a prominent sign of expired bacon. In addition, if the surface looks in completely different colors such as gray, brown, blue, or green never think twice about it. Just toss them out for your sake. If you are not sure about the appearance just have a sniff over it.
  2. Odor – Sniff the piece of bacon you are planning to have for your dinner. If you feel an unpleasant smell like something rancid, just like a rotten egg or sulfur never hesitate about it. Just toss them in the kitchen trash. If you are not sure about the smell as well, have a conscious touch over the piece.
  3. Texture – Have some conscious touch over the surface. If you feel like your bacon is slimy and sticky instead of a fresh texture with a moist, soft, and glossy appearance then it is out of its lifespan. Keep in mind to clean your hands and any surfaces in touch with such spoilt bacon. It will prevent any form of cross-contamination with sound ones.
  4. Best before date – If you are not sure about any of the aforementioned criteria checked against your storebought bacon, just have a look at the date and decide whether it is good to consume or not.

What happens if you eat bad turkey bacon?

eating turkey bacon

Can you eat expired turkey bacon? Yes. You can eat them as long as you wish. Just kidding. Right. Keep thoroughly in mind not to eat expired bacon. It will lead to serious health issues caused due to food poisoning. If you went through some expired bacon by a mistake, you will have symptoms like

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • fever
  • chest pain
  • dehydration

On severe occasions, you may ultimately end up being hospitalized (2).

Final thoughts

How long is turkey bacon good for? This completely depends upon the type of bacon you are going to save and the storage environment. In brief, cooked/smoked turkey bacon will survive for about a week in the refrigerator while it is extended up to about two months in the freezer. On the other hand, completely raw turkey bacon will survive for about two days in the refrigerator while it is extended up to about two months if you plan to store them in the freezer.

It is important to avoid freezer burning during freezing and to follow appropriate storage tips during freezing. You can decide, whether your bacon is expired or not by the appearance, order, texture, or just by checking the package label for the expiry date/’use by’ date/best before date. Consuming spoilt turkey bacon will pose serious health issues due to food poisoning and in some cases, ultimately it may cause you to admit to the hospital for medications.

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