The oven making noise that sounds like a whirring is not a critical problem to address immediately. Some ovens cook and bake fine even when making noise, sometimes without the timer working as well. But if the oven is making a popping sound, you better turn off the oven quickly. This is because the popping is caused by an electrical shortage. If left unattended, there will be a burning smell accompanied by popping. In this article, we will discuss why an oven makes noise when heating up, how to prevent noises, and how safe or dangerous it is to leave it unattended.

Do Ovens Make Noise When Preheating?

Ovens do make noise when preheating, but usually, it is nothing critical to worry about. But when a gas oven makes the noise, it can be a little concerning, especially since it is a gas oven and highly flammable.

When the gas oven is on and it makes a booming noise, it is usually a delay of ignition. The sound is produced by igniting the gas to start the heating process.

The other common sound we hear is in electric ovens, this is sometimes caused by the timer set to preheat or the fan being switched on convectional ovens.

Other non-critical noise includes the popping, crackling, and oil canning sounds when cooking, caused by heating and cooling the metal rods of the oven.          

Oven Makes Noise When Heating Up, Why?            

There are many unhealthy and concerning noises we hear from the ovens when they are on, and you don’t have to be scared or worried about every noise you here except for some.

These happen due to several problems caused by the oven. Many of the common factors affecting are usually either worn-out parts, defective fans, or even broken or lost parts and components.

The first step to dealing with noise in the oven is to know what type of oven you are using.

This is important because both gas and electric ovens do make noise that is very normal in their way of functioning. To understand whether the noise you hear is normal or not, you need to understand the oven first. Let’s get you through some of the noises in gas and electric ovens and the reasons why;

The hissing sound that you normally hear in a gas oven is the noise when the gas is released into the burner to heat up. The other noise is the clicking sound, which is produced when the oven reaches the set temperature. The oven does make a popping sound or a sizzle when food is baking with oils, especially when roasting chicken and other meat in oil. This happens when the food is boiling in the oil.

In gas ovens, a noise many people are familiar with and concerned about is the booming that is abrupt and loud; this type of noise is heard when you heat on greasy, dirty igniters. The noise may go away when you clean the grease and grim off the igniter and burner.

Electric ovens with fans can make noise when heating if the fan or cooling system is faulty. For example, there will be a humming noise when the fan blades start rattling due to loose blades.

If you hear a screeching sound, that means the fan motor is defective, and the fan may end up making a vibrating noise shaking up the whole oven when the panels and door locks are unstable and wobbly. These can be fixed by tightening a few bolts and nuts here and there or by replacing a part or two.

Is It Bad If your Oven Makes Noise?                       

It is not a bad thing for the oven to make noise. It is usually quite normal for ovens to make noise. 

As we walked you through earlier in the article, the low-key humming of the fan, the clicking of the timer with temperature controls, and the sizzling and crackling when the food is cooking are all very normal. So do not panic as soon as you hear the noises from the oven.

Always make sure you are familiar with the good and bad noises before taking any action or before panicking over the slightest of noises.

As we discussed earlier, if you hear a rattle, the fan blades are loose. Simply tighten the blades to eliminate the noise. And if you hear a squeak, the center bolt of the fan may be worn out or loose. Simply replace the wear and tear and fix the loose ends. 

How to Prevent Oven Noises?                                

Regular cleaning and maintenance can help prevent weird noises from coming from the oven. In this section, we will discuss some tips you can use to prevent all these weird and unhealthy noises from coming out of the ovens.

Not cleaning the fan elements of the oven is one reason for the noise produced. To prevent this from happening again, make sure to clean the dirt and grease collected. You have to replace the fan if the cleaning doesn’t work.

Sometimes the fan can be louder than usual. The fan is not only loud but also slow and inefficient sometimes. This happens when the fan’s motor is damaged. All you need to do to prevent this is repair the fan or replace it with a new one.             

Some people complain that their gas igniter will not stop making clicking noises when heated. This happens when water gets collected in the igniter. This will evaporate when the water gets heated.

We can also notice this clunking noise as well; this is usually due to the oven door not being closed properly. When the door is closed, the sound will disappear.

What is the Average Life of an Oven?

The average lifespan of an electric oven is usually 10 to 15 years. The life span can be longer if the oven used is a gas oven. Most ovens can last even longer, up to 20 years, if the oven is maintained and cleaned regularly.

When the oven is overused without any care or without proper awareness, the oven can break easily. Always make sure to be aware of the dos and don’ts when using both gas and electric ovens. This can help prevent early damages and defects.

Is It Safe to Leave the Oven on for 5 Hours?          

It is safe to keep the oven on for 5 hours as long as you are around keeping an eye on it. It is usually not recommended to keep the oven on for long hours. Many of the ovens that are available today will automatically turn off after 12 hours.

It should never be on for many hours or overnight. This can become disastrous. If the oven you use is a gas oven, leaving it on for hours can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Some ovens even end up catching fire over time.


In conclusion, what we can understand is all types of ovens make noise, and it is very normal; there is nothing to be scared of. The important takeaway point is identifying the difference between healthy and unhealthy noise. So instead of jumping to quick conclusions, take some time and listen to the noises the oven makes now and then.

The dull humming, the hissing, and whirring with single clicks from the timer are nothing to worry about as long as none of them get louder and weird over time.

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