There is a good possibility that if you recently visited your neighborhood supermarket or farmer’s marketplace, you noticed a surplus of raw cobs of corn. Families mostly purchase frozen food aisle corn packed in a container or bag, omitting the fresh, sweet version that is still in the husks. But can you grill frozen corn?

Among the nicest options about summertime is delicious corn here on the cob. When added to my pea dip and mango chutney recipes, frozen corn grills up beautifully as a dipping sauce! To enjoy the taste of grilled corn throughout the year-long, make this recipe for frozen corn that has been roasted.

What Really is a Corn Upon that Cob that has Been Frozen?

Fresh corn here on the cob and frozen corn from the cob are the same things. Yet maize is only picked when it is just beginning to ripen. The maize is then roasted to prevent it from spoiling, making it suitable for storage at low temperatures.

Blanching is the simple term for briefly cooking veggies in heated water. In this instance, blanching corn aids in maintaining the majority of its minerals and vitamins. Ultimately, the corn was frozen, which allowed it to be sold year-round in food shops.

Can you Grill Frozen Corn?

In the same way that frozen patties or any other frozen veggies can be grilled on a grill, so could freezing corn. It will come out tasting just as delicious and flavorful as freshly cooked cobs of corn.

Among the nation’s favorite vacation dishes, grilled corn on that cob pairs well with just about anything. Grilling frozen corn may prove to be somewhat challenging, yet using a few tricks, you can obtain flawless grilled corn each day.

Although the taste of frozen grilled corn may change slightly compared to freshly cooked corn or tinned corn, it’s still going to be pleasant yet delectable.

How Can I Grill Corn Here on Cob that is Frozen?

The corn can be frozen and then wrapped in tinfoil before being grilled. Less hassle and cleanup are involved when you wrap it to cook it with foil. Also, a pleasant steam develops to bring out the corn’s inherent flavor.

Another benefit of foil-wrapping frozen corn is the fact that there is essentially no preparation required.

The corn will then be cooked on the grill for the following 25 minutes or so, flipping it periodically, after which you must ready your grill.

Don’t overcook frozen corn here on the cob since it’s already been roasted, which means it is already partly cooked.

Corn here on the cob should be carefully removed from foil, and if you’d like to add flavor again for an ideal summer meal, add softened butter, garlic powder, grated parmesan, or pepper as needed.

When grilling corn without foil, it’s best to take it off the heat at about the ten-minute point to prevent overcooking. It spends less time here on heat because there is no foil to shield it.

How Can Frozen Corn be Grilled? Recipe


  • Three-quarters cup of butter.
  • 1/3 serving contains finely minced onion.
  • Minced parsley or cilantro, coarsely chopped, to equal a three-quarters cup.
  • Red bell pepper, cut into a third of a cup.
  • If preferred, a quarter cup of fresh lime juice.
  • Half tsp salt with garlic.
  • Frozen corn here on the cob, one packet with 12 pieces.
  • If preferred, one tablespoon of finely diced parsley/cilantro.
How Can Frozen Corn be Grilled


  • Grills can be heated using gas or charcoal.
  • Heavy strength foil should be cut into 12 pieces, each 10×10.
  • Butter should be melted on medium-high heat in a 1-quart pot.
  • When the onion is soft, add it and simmer it while stirring often.
  • Add the red pepper plus 1/3 cup of cilantro, and simmer for 3 minutes while continually stirring.
  • Add the lime juice as well as salt with garlic.
  • Each layer of foil should include a frozen bean of corn in the middle.
  • Spray corn with an equal layer of the butter mixture.
  • Corn is covered in foil by folding the edges together.
  • Wrap again after sealing edges and creating a tight, 12-inch fold.
  • Cook corn on a medium-hot grill.
  • Grill for between twenty-five and thirty-five minutes, flipping the grill periodically until everything is completely heated.
  • Every packet’s top should have a huge X cut out of it.
  • Add one tablespoon of cilantro.

Some Advice on Grilling Frozen Corn on the Cob

  • Avoiding boiling frozen corn. That really is utterly unnecessary and useless because all of the flavors are gone. Heating freezing corn removes all of its flavors.
  • When cooking, make sure that corn is just not frozen scorched. Freezer burn is just a form of food degradation caused by exposure to air, humidity, or freezing temperatures. When cooking, inspect the corn for damage indications to avoid freezer burn.
  • Choose your favorite toppings for your corn. Try various toppers to determine the perfect mix for your palate. For an extra taste boost, toss the corn using BBQ spice! Red pepper chilies, lime, plus corn complement each other wonderfully. The pepper lends a zingy flavor, and the lime juice brings out the delicacy of the corn.

Tips for Preservation and How to Prepare Corn on the Cob?

  • Everything relies on whether you’re grilling or blanching the corn.
  • If you’re planning to grill corn, cover this in tin foil first.
  • When fully boiled, corn can be refrigerated in a jar with a cover for a maximum of four days.
  • In contrast to cooked corn, fresh and frozen corn can be stored in the refrigerator for months. Cooked corn should not be frozen since it will turn mushy and unpleasant.
  • Cooked crops on the cob can be reheated. The simplest method is to wrap a moist paper towel around the corn and then microwave them.

Is It Preferable to Grill Corn Using or Without a Sheet?

Wrapping freezing corn with tin foil can really make it cook faster. Foil can withstand high temperatures for an extended period of time. It ensures your grain will not burn. Also, it’s hard to boil it. Cooking frozen corn with foil acts like a steamer, allowing your corn to still be properly cooked while retaining all juice, flavor, and fragrance.

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